Vaio SX14 Review

September 4, 2019

Here’s the reddest laptop Pc Labs has ever tested. The VAIO SX14 (begins at $1,299; $2,299 as tested) gets its devilish good looks from a three-layer paint process-shiny pink metallic, transparent red, and 0a001 00237800 a glossy UV coating-as effectively as from thin screen bezels that make the 14-inch laptop barely bigger than its 13.3-inch VAIO S predecessor. The SX14 is easy to carry at just 2.32 pounds, performs properly, and includes a plethora of ports which includes Ethernet and also VGA (in case you must give a presentation with an antique projector). It really is an intriguing option to our ultraportable Editors’ Choice Dell XPS 13, though it lacks the latter’s touch screen and Thunderbolt 3 ports (just as the Dell lacks the VAIO’s HDMI and USB Type-A ports).

Way back within the dark ages, when Sony owned the VAIO brand of customer laptops, I purchased one particular and employed it happily for various years. For its time, it was an incredible laptop; it was comparatively light to carry and acer ac dc adapter adp 45he b had a reasonably good display, a terrific keyboard, a responsive trackpad, and it lasted far longer than I expected.Sony sold off its VAIO brand in 2014, along with the new owners have spun the brand off into what they of course hope is going to be a line of organization notebooks using the light weight and sleekness of a modern day device. The company’s newest 14-inch laptop, the VAIO SX14, is indeed thin and lightweight, using a reasonable keyboard and display. And with a thing else that handful of laptops nowadays, even those aimed at organization customers, have: lots and numerous ports.


The VAIO SX14 has an intriguing way of opening: the cover is often a little longer than the keyboard section, so any time you open the laptop, the hstnn lb5s battery cover pushes the keyboard up slightly in order that it tilts at an angle. According to a VAIO rep, this was made each to make a comfy typing surface and for enhanced cooling (because there is certainly airflow on the bottom from the method). While I was initially wary about that tilt, I’ve to admit that it wasn’t unpleasant to kind on. I was even more shocked when I found that it was reasonably comfy when I applied it on my lap, regardless of the edge in the cover sitting on my legs. And hp 593554 001 although I in no way noticed any untoward heat – the VAIO SX14 ran impressively cool – if it did heat up, the space in between the stand along with the bottom of your pc would have kept my knees from frying.

The lid is larger than the bottom portion with the machine, resulting within a compact lip in the front on the laptop that tends to make it less difficult to open. At the rear, the bigger lid moves downwards when the laptop is opened, which pushes the base upwards and angles the keyboard towards the user, just a little like the Asus ZenBook 15. This hp spare 800050 001 48 wh style is intended to enhance airflow and simultaneously enable for less complicated typing, and getting the keys angled towards your hands undoubtedly makes items feel somewhat extra comfy.

The era from the Sony Vaio laptops ended inside the year 2014. Five years ago, Sony announced its exit from the Pc industry, which meant that the well known Sony Vaio brand disappeared from the electronic store shelves. On the other hand, the dell xps 13 usb c power adapter story in the Vaio laptops was not entirely over, because the now independent business named ”Vaio” continued to operate and sell laptops inside the Japanese industry. Now, Vaio is back in Western markets, as Vaio recently announced two new PCs within the United states of america and in Europe. Today, we’re taking a appear at the Vaio SX14 laptop.


There are two 14-inch screen solutions for the SX14: A FHD (1,920×1,080) LCD panel and also a 4K UHD panel (3,820×2,160), that is supposed to attain a brightness value of 450 cd/Square meter. Both screens are matte and determined by IPS technology.Separate from Sony considering that 2014, VAIO delivers the SX14 in various configurations. The silver-hued, $1,299 base model attributes a Core i5-8265U processor with pa5177e 1ac3 Intel UHD 620 integrated graphics, 8GB of RAM, a 256GB solid-state drive, along with a 1080p non-touch display. My $2,299 Red Edition test unit boasted a 1.8GHz (4.6GHz turbo) Core i7-8565U chip with all the very same integrated graphics, 16GB of memory, a 1TB PCI Express SSD, as well as a non-touch screen with 4K (3,840-by-2,160-pixel) resolution. You can opt for a model in black or brown for $100 much less.

The brightness distribution of 86% was good adequate, the panel didn’t show any darker spots. The panel did exhibit backlight bleeding, but only a tiny amount (which is barely visible in our picture, since the Bater¡§aa Lenovo 0A36311 backlight bleeding was overshadowed by the IPS glow impact). We did measure PWM having a frequency of 2000 Hz, which can be too higher to be problematic for many users.The sharp edges and rather angular style do look slightly old-fashioned, but that seems to become intentional, because the SX14 goes out of its strategy to combine the old and the new. Contemporary technology, for example a fingerprint scanner and 4G SIM slot, sit alongside a trackpad with a pair of old-fashioned mouse buttons — and even a VGA port as well. In conjunction with the prominently displayed Vaio logo, the bateria samsung np905s3g designers look to become presenting the SX14 as a modern twist on an established and reputable brand.

Connectivity, in distinct, can be a real strength, as the SX14 combines the aforementioned VGA port with each HDMI along with a USB-C port that supports DisplayPort video output. In contrast to a lot of lightweight laptops, the SX14 manages to retain an Ethernet port for wired office networks, along with an SD card slot, a safety slot, and battery dell precision m4800 three USB 3.1 ports. The compact energy provide unit also has an additional USB port that’s particularly intended for charging tablets and other USB-powered devices.


I can not bear in mind the final time I tested a laptop shrugged off my real-world functionality tests because the SX14 did. Sixteen RAM-hungry Google Chrome tabs have been loaded in a snap, and there wasn’t even a hint of lag when I played two YouTube videos, a Twitch stream and, in honor of Ninja’s wavering allegiance, a Mixer stream, every single at 1080p resolution.There was no fall from grace, no scandal that tainted the acdp 060s03 Vaio brand; Sony merely decided it wasn’t commercially viable sufficient, and then Vaio devices slowly disappeared from the shelves. As is so typically the case though, that is not the full story. It turns out that soon after Sony shelved the Vaio brand, the engineers and product managers responsible for it inside Sony bought the brand rights and established it as an independent organization separate towards the Sony conglomerate. You may recall that Nokia took a comparable tactic not too long ago.

The UK pricing may very well be high, but the SX14 does live as much as its claim of becoming a ‘daily performer’. The Core i7 processor features a normal clock speed of 1.8GHz, but this advantages from a TurboBoost solution that lifts it ideal as much as four.6GHz. This produces very strong scores within the Geekbench processor tests, with 5230 for single-core efficiency and 14,769 for multi-core functionality. By contrast, the Core i7 version of Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro nudges ahead with 18,580 for multi-core performance, but ACDP 045S03 is additional expensive at 1,999.16 .The Vaio also strikes back with good graphics functionality, hitting 55fps in the Cinebench R15 test suite, compared to the MacBook Pro’s 40fps. The Vaio’s integrated UHD Graphics 620 can’t very deal with the a lot more demanding Unigine Valley rendering test, dropping to just 5fps. Nevertheless, the SX14 just isn’t intended to be a graphics workstation, and undoubtedly gives strong enough functionality for Microsoft Office or presentations that involve some fundamental photo or video editing.

The VAIO’s familiar specification rattled through Geekbench to single and multi-core outcomes of five,293 and 14,397. That’s broadly level with all the Dell and Huawei, and it is enough pace to quickly manage Workplace applications, day-to-day computing and bateria surface pro 4 internet browsers with loads of tabs open. The VAIO also scored a solid three,984 in Computer Mark ten ¡§C ahead of both rivals, albeit not by considerably.The SX14 delivered SSD study and create speeds of 3342MB/s and 1887MB/s, that are also fantastic results. They contribute to maintaining this machine feeling snappy and booting speedily.


The Vaio SX14 does contain a keyboard together with the German QWERTZ layout, but Vaio skips the other component on the localization for the European market place: The lenovo mt 20255 bateria keyboard has an ANSI layout using a smaller sized Return-key. This saves income for the manufacturer, as the exact same keyboard model could be applied for both the USA and Europe ¡§C but for customers that are utilized for the ISO layout, this could imply rather a large adjustment.

Aside from the layout, this can be a comparably fantastic keyboard. The chassis beneath the keyboard provides the needed stability, the keys offer adequate travel plus the pressure-point can also be excellent. Laptops for instance the Dell Latitude 7390 or the ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018 have superior keyboards, but the replacement battery for dell inspiron 5559 Vaio SX14 is definitely not poor. The keyboard is backlit at the same time, though there is no solution to turn it on or off manually. It truly is just enabled when the user presses a crucial and it becomes disabled following 15 seconds of inactivity.

The VAIO SX14 has an fascinating way of opening: the cover is really a small longer than the keyboard section, so after you open the laptop, the cover pushes the keyboard up slightly in order that it tilts at an angle. Based on a VAIO rep, this was made both to create a comfy typing surface and for enhanced cooling (since there’s airflow on the bottom with the technique). While I was initially wary about that bose 061384 tilt, I’ve to admit that it wasn’t unpleasant to variety on. I was a lot more shocked when I located that it was reasonably comfy when I made use of it on my lap, regardless of the edge of your cover sitting on my legs. And while I under no circumstances noticed any untoward heat – the VAIO SX14 ran impressively cool – if it did heat up, the space in between the stand along with the bottom of your laptop would have kept my knees from frying.

I also located the backlit keyboard comfy to kind on; the keys have decent, if somewhat restricted, travel and are reasonably quiet. However, the touchpad is some thing else. There is nothing at all incorrect with how it performs; it utilizes Microsoft’s effective Precision driver. But it is one of the smallest I’ve noticed for really some time, and dell xps 13 9350 battery isn’t even as wide because the keyboard’s space bar. In fact, it is actually so compact that you simply genuinely require the separate left/right mouse buttons that line the bottom in the touchpad, and which click in an old-fashioned and not specially pleasant way.

The trackpad can also be a disappointment. It’s much too modest, for starters, measuring just [DIMENSIONS]. There are acres of dead space that could happen to be utilised to expand the touchpad, and macbook pro mid 2012 charger 15 it feels distinctly cramped, especially if you’re applying it with an external monitor also. Having said that, it does feature physical left and right mouse buttons in addition to capacitive ones, if that’s your preference.

The bottom-firing speakers on the front with the SX14 are weak and sound hollow. The midrange and vocals in From Indian Lakes’ “No 1 Else” had been thin and shrill even though the low-end drum kicks lacked any kind of oomph. Chance the Rapper’s “Hot Summer” sounded clear enough but hp 800010 421 the speakers failed to offer the up-tempo song any power and they couldn’t fill a medium-size area, even at full volume.

There are not all that a lot of programs preinstalled on the SX14. Vaio packaged all the technique controls into a system named Manage Center. Here, you may adjust power and pa 1650 68 battery settings, alter your input device and select whether to maintain the USB port charging peripherals when the Vaio is off. There is also a glitchy clipping tool that’s no much better than Microsoft’s Snip & Sketch app.

The new Vaio SX14 is really a quite attractive laptop in several respects, having a slim, lightweight design and style that’s well suited for life around the road. It also offers sturdy, desktop levels of efficiency, as well as bateria hp te03xl a wide range of connectivity characteristics that will probably be useful any time you get back for the workplace. Even so, battery life leaves room for improvement, and UK customers may possibly wonder if Vaio’s spring price cuts will probably be transferring from the US to Europe at the same time.

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