Toshiba Tecra Z50 Review

June 18, 2019

The Tecra Z50 retains up the virtues of traditional premium workplace laptops: An exceptional screen along with very excellent input units,extensive safety features plus a respectable battery daily life – the program is rather capable of competing with well-known leaders.Purchasers searching for any trusted workplace laptop computer without needing to take compromises in connectivity typically very first believe of Lenovo and HP.And contemplating their omnipresence,they may possibly even fall subject for the perception the industry does not maintain far more than ThinkPads and EliteBooks.On the other hand,a appear past these manufacturers wouldn’t hurt in terms of”higher-quality”office laptops as Toshiba proves.The Tecra sequence might not attain the fame of dominating competitors,but that will not reveal a great deal if anything about their top quality.With Toshiba’s Tecra Z50,a trim laptop with contemporary Skylake innards comes to us.At a very first look,it could pass being a customer Ultrabook.Hence,externally it does not show any main adjustments in contrast with all the 2014 Tecras,like the Z50.The details infer small business attributes;to be precise,the fingerprint scanner,SmartCard slot or even the TrackPoint within the keyboard region that quasi fulfills the part of a figurehead in relation to high-quality office laptops.Not surprisingly,this kind of a picture necessitates a comparison with existing ThinkPad models by Lenovo.We’ve got opted for your ThinkPad T560 and its”smaller brother” L560.The ProBook 450 G3 Dell Inspiron seventeen 5748 P26E Netzteil priced at about 800 Euros represents HP within this race.All rivals have the exact same processor configuration and screen size in widespread with our review sample.The Toshiba Tecra Z50 is usually a fifteen.6-inch enterprise laptop that effectively finds center ground in between an ultrabook plus a desktop-replacement notebook.

The ultrabook-class Intel Core i7 CPU Ladegerät HP 828769 001 tends to make brief perform of each Office and multimedia tasks,and it has some flair,using a thin and appealing steel exterior. In case you can pay for the quality price tag,this highly effective laptop computer will provide you effectively,but it really is not the best it is possible to get.

Case and Connectivity

Although the exterior is just not certainly just like these of former models,Toshiba basically sticks to its unique style: Not merely does the silver-gray chassis on the Z50 look stylish and high-quality,in addition, it feels that way.The casing’s higher side and also the input device location hardly produce under pressure,the show bezel is strong,along with the show hinges are pulled tightly enough to prevent even the slightest rocking.The three hundred grams of added excess weight in contrast with all the predecessor Sony Vaio SVE1512N1ESI SVE1512N1RB Netzteil have certainly benefited the overall stability,while it requires its toll on mobility.Having said that,the system continues to be belongs among the lighter associates of its sort with a excess weight of two.1 kilograms.The assessment sample’s connectivity is generous.4 USB 3.0 ports are current,but contemporary ports for example USB or DisplayPort have been omitted in favor of the”classic”HDMI and VGA-out.DisplayPort may be extra through a port replicator that is certainly connected for the docking port around the underside.The 200-Euro growth also presents four extra USB 3.0 ports and keep track of shops amongst other points.The Tecra can connect towards the outside world with either a cabled Gbit Ethernet or wi-fi via a Wi-Fi adapter offered by Intel that permits a highest gross information Asus ADP-65GD B PA-1650-78 EXA1203YH Netzteil pace of 867 Mbps.Because of the 2×2 antenna configuration,the signal stays robust,even over for a longer period distances towards the router.Our Z50 includes all security characteristics that will be anticipated from the premium office notebook.A SmartCard reader,fingerprint scanner,TPM module edition 2.0 and the compulsory Kensington lock slot are current.An oddity:An accelerometer that detects drops and shocks is put in.Together with the”HDD Protection”tool,the hard drive’s read/write head is placed inside a protected position to stop data reduction ensuing from a head crash.Nonetheless,no technique functions a standard challenging push within the latest Z50 series.The preloaded Home windows seven Professional will not appear as outdated on nearer examination.The extended help for Home windows seven will proceed till 2020,plus the working method will likely be made use of in many providers until then.Their IT departments might be equally as delighted concerning the installed traditional operating system Medion Erazer X7611 17.three Netzteil as some users.Purchasers who want to be a little more up-to-date can merely install Home windows ten Skilled that may be around the included DVD.

The keyboard is comprised of 102 keys,attributes a chiclet style,and it includes a quantity pad.Hence,it’s a little a lot more plainly arranged compared to the keyboard of Toshiba’s Tecra Z50 exactly where the number pad is mapped on the character keys and has to be accessed by means of the FN key.The keyboard Lenovo Delta ADP-90XD B Ladegerät also includes a white backlight.Although it can’t be dimmed,it may be completely enabled or disabled.It is also probable to activate it by pressing a essential,and it then stays on for fifteen seconds after the last input.The typing feel is quite equivalent to that in the Tecra Z50.The keys possess a good drop but only deliver incredibly small feedback and,for our taste,insufficient resistance.Nevertheless,functioning easily and calm with the keyboard is probable owing for the larger essential height and wider spacing amongst the keys.You’ll find so many unique capabilities mapped as being a combination using the FN crucial around the keyboard that the F1 – F12 keys are usually not adequate.For causes of greater accessibility working with one particular hand,the F10,F11 and F12 keys do not have a double assignment.Utilizing the 3 and four keys together together with the FN important controls Sony KDL-42W705B Ladegerät the volume.The user very first has to acquire used to that just before accepting it.We enjoy it when as little as you possibly can is composed around the keys for clearness reasons.Thus,Toshiba should really have perhaps reconsidered the usefulness of several extra capabilities.The touchpad is carried out like a ClickPad,and we currently found it a little also inaccurate in Toshiba’s Tecra Z50.Considering that the entire area,which includes the integrated buttons,is touch sensitive,drag and fall,by way of example,is generally difficult to carry out.To become honest we have to say that the ClickPad in Toshiba’s Tecra Z50 functioned remarkably nicely,and both incorporated keys provide excellent suggestions over the keystroke.Apart from that, two actual buttons Asus W15-065N1B Ladegerät that could even be applied are located above the touch-sensitive surface.That needs a little of familiarization but performs well afterward.Why the buttons have already been placed above the ClickPad  Since they basically belong to the TrackPoint which is also set up.Symbols which let disabling the touchpad or opening”Toshiba Eco Utility” are located in each higher corners.Double tapping triggers each and features incredibly reliably.Due to the fact the TrackPoint was initially invented by IBM for ThinkPads,Toshiba had to contact its TrackPoint”Accupoint.”However,its principle may be the very same: A smaller,blue stick juts out on the keyboard amongst G,H and B,on which a finger Dell Latitude 3590 Ladegerät is positioned.The mouse cursor might be controlled remarkably accuratelyvia the slightest motion.Those who’ve utilized a TrackPoint will barely would like to return for the touchpad.


In distinction to the Tecra Z50,the screen already scores Dell Latitude e5570 e5470 P62G Netzteil with its up-to-date Full Hd resolution.The matte,Toshiba-built screen is executed in a 16:9 structure,and it’s according to the IPS technology in order that good viewing angles should be achievable.The average brightness is approximately on par using the contenders;the illumination is higher than all other products in the comparison discipline.The maximum brightness drops in battery method.Colors usually look relatively paler on matte screens than on glare versions.However,we subjectively likedthe screen’s distinction and colour reproduction.The distinction ratio is in reality superior than in pretty much all comparison products.Only Fujitsu’s Lifebook E754 features a greater rate than the 750:one of Toshiba’s Tecra Z50.It’s also very low adequate to show black surfaces in a actually darkish hue and without gray haze.We get much more comprehensive outcomes of color copy by inspecting the show using the colorimeter and CalMAN computer software.Here,we see that particularly yellow colors are shown as well intensely which other colours have as well several yellow components.Aside from yellow and orange most colours,on the other hand,only deviate marginally in the ideal value with the sRGB reference color room in order that the color reproduction is overall satisfactory.The display will not be suitable for specialist picture and online video editors;the protection of the qualified color area is simply also low.Sunlight would need to glow straight around the screen so that absolutely nothing is usually acknowledged.The brightness Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro-1370 Ladegerät is adequate to perform inside the park or on the terrace even on brighter times.The matte end that reduces reflections contributes to that significantly.Pretty broad viewing angles are ensured from the IPS technology on which the screen is primarily based.While the brightness alterations when going to the sides or when tilting the display back and forth,it truly is still achievable to understand content material even from very flat angles.Nevertheless,the vertical viewing angles Dell Latitude E6410 E6420 Netzteil are relatively wider than toward the sides,which is not inevitably a downside.After all,who wants the person inside the seat beside them around the coach to study critical enterprise e-mail


Components on the Tecra Z50 include things like an Intel Core i7-4600U processor,8GB of DDR3 program memory,Intel High definition 4400 Graphics,plus the 256GB SSD.Together,they make the system fast to open apps and respond to changing tasks,like operating on spreadsheets,databases,or substantial Term documents.The laptop computer did effectively on on PCMark7,a check of day-to-day utilization and efficiency.It had been within hanging length of the Dell e7440 Touch and also the HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1.Multimedia scores have been quite great also,thanks to the Intel Main i7 processor.The rating of four minutes 43 seconds around the Adobe Photoshop CS6 test splits Apple A1021 M8943LL A Ladegerät the distinction involving the HP Elitebook along with the Dell Latitiude.That said,the true powerhouse on Photoshop may be the Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro.The Tecra Z50’s battery lasted seven hrs on our battery rundown test.That is good,even though the Dell e7440 Touch lasted for a longer time,and the MacBook Pro is the champ at 8:fifty two.With judicious use of rest mode,the Tecra Z50 must final a superb offer of the small business day on a one cost.The Toshiba Tecra Z50 just fulfills ultrabook requirements,despite the fact that the technique is not promoted as one particular.Compared with all the enterprise ultrabook Editors’Choice,the Dell Latitude e7440 Touch,it puts inside a excellent showing,however the Dell program in the end comes out in advance,as a result of its MIL-SPEC ruggedization,brighter and clearer In-Plane Switching display,and touch display.Among business-oriented desktop-replacement notebooks,the Tecra Z50 once more places inside a great battle,however the reigning Editors’Choice Apple MacBook Pro eventually retains on as a result of its higher-than-1080p Hd resolution display,much better overall performance final results on our multimedia benchmark exams,and its two more hrs of battery lifestyle.This makes the Tecra Z50 an attractive and potent large-screen laptop,effectively inside the pack,nipping at the heels from the Dell Latitude and Apple MacBook Professional.The stereo speakers in the Tecra are practical,but no much more.By default,the audio is tinny and practically completely void of basses.The audio could be clearly improved via the application equalizer Dell Latitude E7470 Ladegerät in addition to a tiny experimenting,however it remains”forceless”.Connecting superior headphones or external speakers towards the audio jack is actually a should for pleasant audio enjoyment.

Bottom Line

I feel it is quite telling that after i was looking for bright places to spotlight on the Z50,its minimal temperature was among the first points that jumped to mind.The Z50 feels just like the tech model of phoning it in,due to the fact despite the fact that it does not possess a bunch of significant flaws,it does not get noticed in any way.Dell’s XPS 15 features a significantly lower starting value,extra alternatives for personalization,and also a slick,light-weight design and style that you are going to wish to display off to other people.Then,there is the Asus ZenBook Pro UX501VW,that has nearly double the graphics power,improved appears and more time battery life,all for you are going to spend to the Z50.So,if you’re inside the market place for any strong 15-inch multimedia machine,hold the XPS fifteen along with the ZenBook Professional in thoughts,and look at the Z50 only in case your IT department Lenovo IdeaPad 110-17ACL 80UM Netzteil forces you to definitely.


Toshiba’s Tecra Z50 makes an a lot more comprehensive effect than the smaller Tecra Z50model.First of all,it options a higher-quality display with broader viewing angles,greater resolution,and more accurate colour replica.Then,functioning using the keyboard is additional comfortable though the bad keystroke suggestions is not going to be perfect for qualified typists.The chapters about temperature improvement,sounds degree,and power are completed exemplary;there is certainly absolutely nothing to be reproached there.The speakers could maybe be a little louder,however they are or else incredibly satisfactory to get a company laptop computer.The ClickPad was needless,and the truth that the battery can’t be changed in the outdoors can also be a small drawback.Nonetheless,the purchaser gets a really high-quality casing that is trim and comparatively light-weight.Beyond that,it is properly designed and rigid.The range of interfaces and the balance of your wireless connections are also very good.The open-ended agreement for the Tecra Z50 should really thus become a positive point in many corporations.Private users that are willing to spend the steep price tag for a first-rate laptop can also unhesitatingly bind themselves to get a more time period.


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