Lenovo Yoga 920 review

December 3, 2018

The Lenovo Yoga 920 may be the direct sequel to Lenovo’s Yoga 910 convertible laptop. Before every Windows Pc enterprise was making 2-in-1 computer systems, it was Lenovo’s line of 360-degree hinged laptops that Dell 9570 Netzteil/Dell XPS 15 Netzteil pioneered the type element, which combines a laptop style with some tablet functionality.

Lenovo’s hinge design for the Yoga laptops has come to be its signature, like the oddly placed camera on a Dell XPS 13, or the Touch Bar on a MacBook Pro. It is probably among essentially the most robust and exceptional laptop hinges in use. It reminds me of a metallic mesh watch band (my favored), but 4X20M26272/4X20M26272 USB C Netzteil the design not only permits the screen to flip fully behind the keyboard, it also hides the computer’s ventilation technique.


The Yoga 920 is a single suave-looking 2-in-1, with its all-aluminum chassis, slim sloping slides and attractive watchband-style hinge that Bose Soundtouch II Akku lets you bend the lid back into tablet, tent or stand modes. As around the Yoga 910, there’s an incredibly thin bezel about the show, but fortunately, around the Yoga 920, the webcam is situated above the screen, not under it.


The Yoga 920’s 13.9-inch IPS show is often a pleasure to appear at, what with its 5mm bezels on the tops and sides and its strong viewing angles. The practically inch-thick bezel along the bottom from the screen, a holdover in the Yoga 910, a still a bit of a bummer. The fantastic news is the fact that lenovo adlx65ccge2a Lenovo has moved the Yoga 920’s 720p webcam from the thicker bottom bezel, exactly where it sat on the older 910 model, to a extra standard position above the display, a adjust that Skype users should really appreciate.

The Yoga 920’s backlit keyboard feels strong and responsive, with this year’s model boasting a fix for any design and style snafu around the Yoga 910: a diminutive right-side Shift key, which has now been restored to its common size. (The 4 nearby arrow keys, which gobbled up additional keyboard true estate around the 910, have ceded space back for the Shift key.)

One of our complaints about the predecessor Yoga 910 was the rather poor port selection when compared with its quick competition. Though the Yoga 920 doesn’t boost upon the number of physical ports, Lenovo at the least has elected to replace the two USB Type-C ports (one of them in fact only supported USB two.0 speeds) with dual Thunderbolt 3 ports. The two ports needless to say help DisplayPort as well, but Samsung U28D590D UN19F4000/U28D590D Netzteil most customers may have to buy adapters to hook up to their current hardware, as you will discover no designated video outs. When charging, one of the ports is occupied by the energy adapter, so for home operation, a dock could be a desirable alternative. Note that the convertible lacks a card reader at the same time, so customers wanting to appear at their vacation pictures need to have to buy a suitable external reader.

The Yoga 910 had its camera beneath the show inside the lower bezel – significantly just like the XPS 13 – which result in less-than-flattering views even though video conferencing. Lenovo sourced a various camera module and placed it in the regular position up leading – and did so without needing to widen the bezel at all. Note that the picture high quality will not be excellent with high amounts of noise even in a comparatively well-lit atmosphere. Still, most will appreciate the new camera place, even when the image top quality is far from perfect.

It’s a little value to pay, even so, for such a good-looking 2-in-1. The hinges along the back in the Yoga 920 are also eye-catching ¡§C we’ve fluctuated among considering they are stylish and getting them a bit gaudy. There is no doubting the strength and Microsoft Surface 3/G3HTA007H/G3HTA003H develop high quality from the hinge even though, which can be important to get a convertible laptop as that hinge is most likely to find out many action as you flip the screen orientation, so you don’t want it to become a point of failure.

Lenovo has managed to address a minimum of certainly one of these points due to the thinness of the design and style ¡§C even using the screen flipped each of the way back this can be still a thin device, although not rather as slim as regular tablets. That keyboard back remains, and hp spare 741523 005/005 Dock HP Akku even though it doesn’t really feel that nice (when compared with the smooth, flat back of a regular tablet), it really is no less than clever sufficient to turn off the buttons, so they do not interfere when in tablet mode.

The 920 has a minimal port assortment. You will not come across a direct video output like HDMI or an SD card slot, by way of example. Even so, the technique now has two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports which will power the laptop and support as much as two high-resolution external displays, data transfers at as much as 40Gbps and fast charging. There’s also a headphone/mic combo jack and hp spare 741523 005/005 Dock HP Akku a single regular USB three.0 port, the latter of which supports always-on charging so you’ll be able to retain your telephone or tablet juiced up even when the laptop or computer is off.

Luckily, Lenovo bucks this trend, and consists of the Active Pen stylus as component of your Lenovo Yoga 920’s package. This battery-powered stylus includes a pleasing style along with the Yoga 920 responds nicely to it due to its screen having the ability to detect four,096 levels of stress sensitivity. Light presses and difficult presses are registered accurately in the art apps we tried, along with the laptop kept up with even the most frantic scribbles.

The touchscreen with its narrow bezel supports 10-finger inputs and performs incredibly effectively even in the edges and the corners. Inputs are translated promptly and precisely, though we as soon as once more would choose a slightly stiffer hinge to decrease wobbles for the duration of operation. The Yoga 920 now also consists of active pen support, which is a 1st within the series. The Active Pen two, as Lenovo calls their stylus, recognizes as much as 4096 levels of pressure and L850D-100 Akku/Toshiba Satellite L850D-100 Akku tends to make the convertible that much more useful. The prime and bottom barrel buttons is often configured utilizing the Wacom Pen application; the top button – which is initially made use of to pair the pen – requires utilizing the Pen & Windows Ink app. The pen is usually a pleasure to use and we found it equally suited to taking notes as well as as drawing and sketching. Included with the pen can be a tiny holder which plugs into the USB three.0 port around the appropriate. Note that the Yoga 920 does not employ Lenovo’s own Lift’n Lock feature just like the ThinkPad Yogas, so clicking various keys as well as the touchpad is unavoidable when handling the convertible. Inputs are not surprisingly disabled when the lid is flipped around.

The Lenovo Yoga 920 isn’t an extremely noisy system. For the duration of idle and simple tasks like word processing, the technique remains inaudible at just a couple dB above ambient; average (3DMark06) also as higher loads (Prime95 + Furmark) bump the fan noise to a maximum of only 34 dB. Most competitors are louder, so HP 14-r104TU Netzteil/HP 14-r104TX Netzteil the convertible is well-suited for quiet environments. Even for the duration of the stress test, we never found the fan noise to be overly annoying. The Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 with Intel Core i7-7Y75 remains uncontested, as it is is passively-cooled and hence absolutely noiseless.

During idle, the Yoga 920 stays remarkably cool with almost flat temperatures across the chassis because of the aluminum construction. Even at maximum load, the convertible does not exceed 41 degrees around the bottom left and right, so it’s nonetheless possible to work using the Yoga within the lap with no major discomfort. Keyboard temps within the middle are a little higher at 44 C, but Lenovo Z460 Akku/Lenovo 0914 38U Akku the palm rests remain comparatively cool at about 32 C, so sweaty palms are rarely an issue unless the technique is subjected to unrealistic loads for extended periods of time.

Windows Hello can work effectively with a fingerprint sensor, which the Yoga 920 has. Unfortunately, AirPort 802.11n Netzteil it really is not the fastest sensor I’ve used. There is a brief pause just before it seems like the Yoga realized my finger was even on the sensor. In comparison to the Touch ID program on Apple’s MacBook Pro, the Yoga’s fingerprint sensor is noticeably slower. The facial recognition implementation of Windows Hello has also been faster on other laptops, in my experience.

Lenovo’s quad-core, Kaby Lake Refresh-powered Yoga 920 cuts a fine figure as it chews up laptop performance benchmarks, though Microsoft MS011301 Akku its long-range Cortana microphones, pen assistance and on-board Dolby Atmos sweeten an already enticing package. That said, we can think of at least a single competing 2-in-1-namely, the HP Spectre x360-that we believe is really a better value.

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