Lenovo ThinkPad X280 Review

August 24, 2018

One in the ideal business enterprise ultraportable product lines available on the market, Lenovo’s ThinkPad X Series, was lately updated having a new model: the ThinkPad X280. 1st introduced through CES 2018, this new model brings the lenovo thinkpad yoga s1 battery replacement/lenovo thinkpad yoga 20cd battery same aesthetic of the ThinkPad X notebooks prior to it, but with updated hardware and characteristics to match modern requires. As with past models, the X280 is not inexpensive, and so it begs the query: is it worth the cost to upgrade?


At 2.98 pounds and 12.1 x eight.3 x 0.7 inches, the ThinkPad X280 is the lenovo x1 carbon 20bt battery thinnest and lightest X200-series laptop but. By contrast, last year’s X270 was 0.1 inches thicker, but began at a almost identical three pounds (3.four pounds with extended battery). In slimming down, Lenovo decided to move to a sealed-in battery, which tends to make the notebook much more compact.

Dell’s Latitude 7390 (two.9 pounds, 0.7 inches) can be a tiny lighter and has a larger, 13.3-inch screen. Despite its 14-inch show, Lenovo’s personal ThinkPad X1 Carbon is lenovo yoga 900 13isk2 battery/yoga 900 13isk battery significantly lighter and thinner, at 2.49 pounds and 0.6 inches thick.

Aesthetically speaking, the X280 is surface pro 4 charger/microsoft surface pro 4 charger practically nothing to kind residence about. It has Lenovo’s tried-and-true raven-black design language with no unique flourishes.

Lenovo says that in the event you get the touch screen, you will also get the glass fiber-reinforced lid, but that if you acquire a nontouch model, the dell inspiron 15 7559 charger/dell inspiron 7559 charger lid is carbon fiber. The really hard, matte lid and deck on our touch-enabled critique unit wasn’t as eye-catching as the soft-touch surfaces on the X270 or the present ThinkPad X1 Carbon. However, the carbon-fiber model could really feel various. Regardless of which X280 you purchase, the bottom is pa5121u 1brs/toshiba battery pa5121u 1brs made of a magnesium/aluminum combo.


The quantity of show options around the X280 is reduced than that identified on the X270. Lenovo has created the choice easier by removing the HD-IPS selection, which had a 1,366 x 768 resolution. There is toshiba battery pa3817u 1brs/toshiba laptop battery pa3817u 1brs a choice among an HD-TN panel along with a Full-HD 1,920 x 1,080 IPS panel, the latter becoming the 1 that our test device has. Optionally, there is a touchscreen variant with the Full-HD IPS display. All selections have a matte finish.

The important information with the Full-HD remains exactly the same as around the X270, with Lenovo continuing to price the lenovo think pad x1 carbon 20fb battery brightness at 300 cd/m2. Our test device, with an AUO created panel, averages larger values at 312 cd/m2, although we measured the maximum brightness at 346 cd/m2. As indicated by the distinction involving the maximum and average values, the X280’s display lacks uniform brightness, averaging 82%. Subjectively, we could not notice the variations in brightness.

Last year’s competitors all have similarly bright screens. In line with HP’s spec sheet, the EliteBook 830 G5 has dell 40wh m5y1k battery/dell m5y1k battery a significantly brighter Full-HD IPS display option with 400 cd/m2 brightness. Presently, the only ThinkPads with vibrant displays are the X1 Carbon 2018 as well as the X1 Yoga 2018, every of which possess a QHD HDR LTPS choice with more than 500 cd/m2 brightness. The drawback of those panels is that they’ve glossy finishes.

The X280’s show has minimal backlight bleeding and no PWM show flickering.

The contrast levels in Lenovo’s data sheet are rather conservative at 700:1. The AUO show achieves virtually twice that at 1376:1, having a 0.25 cd/m2 black level providing deep blacks. Factory colour space is dell inspiron 15 7559 charger/dell inspiron 7559 charger comparatively neutral with a tint that we couldn’t ascertain. Calibration marginally improves this, but particular deviations could not be rectified. For instance, colour saturation issues could not be rectified with all the ICC profiled that we made.

The poor colour space coverage is lenovo yoga 700 14isk charger/lenovo yoga 700 14isk battery common of 12.5-inch company laptops, together with the competition performing equally as badly as the X280, whose AUO display only represents 64% sRGB. We are curious as to whether this has enhanced around the EliteBook 830 G5 with its 13.3-inch display.

The X280 is usable outdoors because of the display’s matte finish plus a brightness exceeding 300 cd/m2. That brightness level is toshiba laptop battery pa5109u 1brs/toshiba battery pa5109u 1brs no match for direct sunlight though. With all the X280 becoming an ultra-portable laptop that may very well be often made use of outdoors, we would have liked Lenovo to offer even brighter show options.


The eighth-gen, quad-core Intel Core i5 CPU here performed well in all circumstances, backed up by 8GB of RAM in addition to a speedy 512GB SSD. For productivity purposes, this will chew through just about anything so long as you do not venture into any specialized tasks that call for a discrete GPU. A complete gamut of safety functions, which includes TPM two.0 chip, vPro CPU, and Smart Card reader, round items out.

Battery life is average at about 9-10 hours from a single charge with brightness at 60 percent, and would no doubt drop a little when you have been pushing it for the entire time. The hot-swappable battery is lenovo yoga 3 14 battery/lenovo yoga 3 14 battery replacement missing, but at least you can get a complete recharge in about an hour.

Likewise, RAM is now soldered onto the board, and there is no longer space for an additional HDD down the line. The X280 apparently has hp spectre x360 13 battery/hp spectre x360 13 4066nz battery the solution for LTE connectivity, however the Lenovo web site does not look to possess any mention of it being an solution at checkout.

Battery life

Battery life was one area where I haven’t been thrilled together with the ThinkPad X280. In most situations of continual perform, it appears to have 4 (in the quite, quite least) and eight hours of battery life, and I believe that the average is about six. I say constant work, since that is what I got when functioning via the lenovo x1 carbon 20bt battery/lenovo x1 carbon battery 20bs Chrome browser, as well as running Slack, OneNote, and Skype. Certainly, there is also the occasional Photoshop and such.

Your mileage may well vary, as that quantity will absolutely go up in case you use Edge rather than Chrome, and if you’re not making use of it for function. Lenovo promises as much as 15 hours of battery life, and I’ve no doubt that that’s true. I’m certain that when you watched Netflix by means of the UWP app, that is just what you’d get.

I do not do video streaming tests though, for the reason that I don’t believe that would reflect the true world usage from the battery. What you need to understand is lenovo ideapad p400 touch battery/lenovo p400 touch battery that with a real-world use case, you’ll get about six hours of battery life. That quantity can go down depending on the tasks you use as well.

The X280 sheds the boxy nature on the X270, adding a webcam cover, improved fingerprint placement and security, much better hardware, outstanding battery performance, along with a far more modern day port array. If you are inside the market for any organization laptop, the ThinkPad X280 is undoubtedly a model worth considering.

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