Lenovo ThinkPad T520 Review

September 29, 2018


Click to EnlargeAs with other ThinkPads, the T520 is as buttoned-down because they appear. Its black matte rubberized lid is extremely proof against fingerprints and smudges, and it is only accented by a chrome Lenovo emblem as well as a ThinkPad brand. Subsequent the ThinkPad aesthetic, the deck characteristics the conventional all-black interior with the Dell XPS 13 9370 i7-8550U USB-C Charger keyboard nestled amongst two speakers. The telltale blue Enter important and the bright purple TrackPoint located involving the G and H keys are also on board. A lifted panel over the perform keys homes buttons for mute, volume, microphone mute, the ThinkVantage toolbox and Energy.

A black latch along the best front lip from the notebook releases the lid, that is held up by two rock-solid metallic hinges. An internal magnesium alloy body, backed up by robust Abdominal muscles plastic around the outside, signifies this notebook must stand up to a fair quantity of abuse and resist flexing. The prolonged battery felt slightly free, though.Simply click to EnlargeEven though 15-inch programs aren’t intended to be carried about thoroughly, Dell XPS M170 M1710 Slender Charger the six.2-pound, fourteen.7-by-9.7-by-1.3-1.4-inch T520 is around the chunky aspect when compared with other devices we’ve recently reviewed with this particular size show. For example, the HP Envy fifteen weighs five.eight lbs and actions 14.9-by-9.6-by-1.1 inches, when the 5-pound Samsung Sequence seven Chronos includes a 0.9-inch profile.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Click to EnlargeThe T520’s traditional, spill-resistant keyboard has massive keys with firm, springy feedback. Comparable to other ThinkPads, the T520’s keyboard capabilities outsized ESC and Delete keys. We scored fifty five phrases for each moment using a one percent error price on the Ten Thumbs Typing Test, greater than our normal fifty wpm/1 percent error price.Lenovo’s comfortable, textured TrackPoint pointing adhere carries on to become the gold common, delivering accurate navigation. There is also a two.8-by-1.6-inch touchpad for customers accustomed AD883220 Asus 45W Charger to working with the pointing adhere. Rubbing our fingers against the textured floor felt excellent. However, the limited surface region created activating some multitouch gestures for instance pinch-to-zoom difficult.Click to EnlargeBoth sets of discrete mouse buttons provided robust suggestions, as did the middle trackpoint scroll button.


In regards to style, we have experienced this situation in assessment a handful of instances before. Beginning with the T500 more than the T510 as much as the most recent T4x0 collection, Lenovo could not compel to make any shocking style modifications in the current T520, other than CP500588-01 Fujitsu 65W Charger for small ones. Regarded by alone, sticking for the attempted and examined is not in any way terrible, but innovations don’t quit in situation style. And when compared with the competition, you would consider that a high-priced laptop including the T520 would, inside a perception, ought to have a complete metal situation now, even though.

Instead, Lenovo nonetheless sticks towards the plastic appear & truly feel. Nonetheless, the T520, practically dressed entirely in black has a certain air of elegance along with the matt slightly roughened surfaces have a pleasant really feel anyway.

The base unit scores with an excellent torsional stiffness. The pressure resistance is just as fantastic with exception in the known weakness in the ultra bay’s slot. The show lid can cope very well with the applied forces when lifted at a corner HP PFC USB Type-C USB-C Charger and hardly deforms. Moreover, it also copes properly with selective pressure. Having said that, the show bezel yields even under little pressure and allows image deviations to become visible on a turned on screen.

The metal hinges look a bit tiny in comparison towards the laptop’s size. However, they barely allow teetering after the opening angle has been adjusted. Nevertheless, they aren’t pulled tight enough to prevent the opening angle from Samsung S22D300HY Charger changing its angle in unstable situations (train journeys). In return, single-handed opening and closing isn’t a problem. The show might be opened to your bit extra than 180 degrees.

A ramshorn hook system plus the well-known clamshell design protect the laptop towards foreign objects penetrating amongst the keyboard and display accidentally. The opening mechanism is comfy to use, but creaks a bit.85W MagSafe2 Charger Apple MacBook Pro 15 Moreover towards the hard disk, a main memory module is now easily accessible via the maintenance covers.


Lenovo offers three different show possibilities for your 15.6-inch T520. These include things like a 1366×768 HD panel, a 1600×900 HD+ mid-range providing, plus a 1920×1080 95% gamut top-tier option. All screens include things like LED-backlighting along with a matte-finish screen texture to reduce glare.

Our ThinkPad T520 included the base 1366×768 panel, which proved to be a superior performer for basic duties. Color saturation appeared weaker than other panels, mostly in part towards the matte texture versus glossy on consumer notebooks, but it received the job done. Backlight levels were much more than adequate for viewing the screen indoors under vibrant lighting. Outdoor viewing would only be possible in a spot of shade, using the sun 384021-001 HP Charger overpowering the screen. Contrast levels were adequate, with black levels appearing slightly washed out, especially outdoors on the sweet-spot. Viewing angles spanned 15 to 20 degrees with all the screen tilted forward or back before colors started to invert.


After streaming a full-screen video on Hulu on fifteen minutes, the touchpad, space between the G and H keys along with the notebook’s underside Microsoft Floor Pro 3 Charger measured 82, 85 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit respectively. The middle of the notebook’s bottom measured 98 degrees, which is three degrees above what we look at to become comfy, but then this just isn’t a machine that will see a lot of time on your lap.


The Lenovo ThinkPad T520 comes equipped with a two.6-GHz Intel Core i5-2540M processor, 4GB of RAM, 500GB 7,200-rpm hard drive and switchable graphics (Intel HD Graphics 3000, Nvidia NVS 4200M GPU with 1GB of VRAM). The machine took just about everything we threw at it, which includes playing video, performing productivity tasks and some light gaming.

On the PCMark07 benchmark, which steps overall performance, the T520 scored 2,177, slightly less than the 2,278 mainstream category average. The HP Envy fifteen and its 2.4-GHz Intel Core i5-2450M and 6GB of RAM notched 2,385 Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Serie Charger although the Samsung Sequence 7 Chronos’ 2.2-GHz Intel Core i7-2675QM CPU and 8GB of RAM delivered 2,447.The T520’s 500GB 7,200-rpm hard drive booted the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Professional in 49 seconds. That’s 10 seconds faster than the 0:59 category average. During the Laptop computer File Transfer Test, the ThinkPad T520 duplicated 4.97GB of mixed media files in three minutes and 1 second, a transfer price of 28.1MBps. That’s slightly slower than the 31 MBps mainstream average.

On the OpenOffice Spreadsheet check, the T520 took four minutes and 54 seconds to match 20,000 names to their corresponding addresses, aa pb9nc6b/samsung akku aa pb9nc6b/original samsung akku aa pb9nc6b/samsung laptop akku aa pb9nc6b/samsung aa pb9nc6b original one:32 seconds forward in the 6:26 average. The Sequence seven Chronos was a close second with 4:56 when the Envy 15 lagged with a time of six:31.

The Lenovo ThinkPad T520 comes equipped with Nvidia’s Optimus technology, allowing it to automatically switch involving its integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 and its discrete Nvidia NVS 4200M GPU with 1GB of VRAM for optimal performance and battery life.

On 3DMark06, which actions graphics performance, the T520 scored 5,627. That’s 678 points over the 4,949 mainstream category average. During the “World of Warcraft” benchmark, the T520 delivered a body price of 38 fps on x230 akku/lenovo x230 akku/thinkpad x230 akku/akku lenovo x230/akku x230 autodetect at 1600 x 900. When that fails to match the 58 fps mainstream category average, most notebooks in this category sport lower resolutions. When we cranked the settings to maximum, the T520’s body rate dropped slightly to a still-playable 33 fps. That’s enough to defeat the category average as well as the Envy fifteen (28 fps).

Gaming Verdict

Computer games will unlikely belong to the primary application field of an office device produced for business use. Nonetheless, they reflect the possible 3D performance of a laptop quite well. Our expectations are not set pretty higher considering acer aspire 7750g akku/akku acer aspire 7750g/acer 7750g akku/aspire 7750g akku/akku acer aspire 7750g/akku aspire 7750g the hardware configuration as well as the 3DMark results. The a single or other cultured game after work is possible. Nonetheless, the requirements shouldn’t be set beyond medium graphics details within a modified resolution, depending on the game.


Value shouldn’t be placed as high in a business device as in a multimedia or gaming laptop. The maximum quantity is just sufficient for indoors along with the sound remains undistorted. Even so, the sound proves to possess poor bass.

In order to enjoy music, you ought to therefore use external speakers or high-quality headphones. They is usually connected to acer aspire v3 771g akku/akku acer aspire v3 771g/akku acer aspire v3 771g/acer aspire v3 771g original akku the 3.5mm combo audio socket. The transmission is undistorted and static-free in the test (audio check only, no measurement). The combo socket just isn’t faultless and requires special headsets.


The T520 stays all over cool in idle mode. The temperatures rise with increasing load and it reaches the maximum temperatures within the vent’s vicinity.

In order to estimate the maximum possible temperatures, we execute a stress check of many hours where CPU and GPU are loaded to 100% (Prime95 & Furmark). The wrist-rest and touchpad even remains pleasantly cool here. acer aspire 5750g akku/acer aspire 5750g akku original/akku acer aspire 5750g/aspire 5750g akku The CPU’s core temperatures climb to 86 degrees Celsius, the GPU’s to some maximum of 83 degrees Celsius, which are just as acceptable rates.

Battery and Energy Consumption

Our Lenovo ThinkPad T520 included the standard six-cell battery option, supplying a 57Wh capacity. A more substantial nine-cell battery with a capacity of 94Wh is also supplied, which would add about 60% onto your overall battery life. The biggest difference between every of these batteries is their respective sizes, using the smaller lenovo g710 akku/akku lenovo g710/akku lenovo g710/preisvergleich lenovo g710 akku six-cell mounting flush for the back in the notebook, and also the bigger nine-cell battery sticking under an inch.

An optional “slice” battery is also offered as an option to the ThinkPad T520, which when combined with a 9-cell battery boasts an impressive 24-hours of runtime. Sadly, we were unable to get a slice-battery with our evaluation unit, so we are unable to provide measured runtimes of that configuration.

To test the battery life we used the Windows 7 Energy Saver profile, together with the show backlight reduced to about 50% (9/15 brightness), Bluetooth disabled, Wi-Fi on and refreshing a webpage without animated or Flash-based ads, along with the system set to hibernate at 5% power remaining. Our goal with this particular check setup is to try and mimicasus f551c akku/akku asus f551c/asus f551ca sx079h akku/asus f551c akku original/asus f551ca akku kaufen the road-warrior condition, where you are trying to squeeze as much time as possible in-between charges.

Using the over conditions, the ThinkPad T520 stayed on for six hours and 59 minutes, with an average energy consumption of 6.2-7 watts. Compared to dell inspiron 1545 charger our original estimate of more than 11 hours, it appears the battery gauge wasn’t as precise as being a stopwatch.


Lenovo offers a wide range of warranty choices for the ThinkPad-series of notebooks, together with the base warranty like 1-year of depot (mail-in) parts and labor support. The warranty could be upgraded to contain onsite and accidental damage protection, using a max coverage length of 4-years. They also offer priority degree support option, claiming access to advanced level technicians on the first call.


The Lenovo ThinkPad T520 proved alone to be worthy notebook for business-users and enthusiasts alike. Featuring the most recent Sandy Bridge components, the T-series provided exceptional battery life while nevertheless knocking our socks off in system dell inspiron 5520 charger performance. Integrated graphics performance has substantially improved over previous generations, now reaching over 5,000 in 3DMark06. If that is not enough for you, the NVIDIA NVS 4200M dedicated graphics is also an option. Depending on your budget, Lenovo offers a wide selection of second-generation Intel Core-series processors inside the T520, ranging from the 2.1GHz Core i3-2310M as much as the quad-core two.3GHz Core i7-2820QM.

Being a storage-focused website, it’s hard for us not to say that the mSATA SSD and SATA six.0Gbps speeds are the highlight of this critique. When equipped with either the 40 or 80GB Intel SSD 310, users are left with an open two.5-inch bay to samsung ac adapter pa 1250 98 install a drive of their choosing without owning to compromise speed or storage. The SATA III connection supplied on this notebook also paved the way for breakneck speeds with compatible drives.

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