Lenovo Legion Y920 Review

January 16, 2019

The Lenovo Legion Y920 has produced me a believer in Lenovo as a gaming laptop organization. Priced at $2,299, the Legion Y920 offers some seriously strong functionality, due to its Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 GPU — both of which are overclockable if you need to lenovo x1 carbon 20bt battery push the envelope. The system’s proprietary customizable keyboard is just about as quite as its extremely vivid Nvidia G-Sync show. Throw inside a pair of thunderous speakers, and you have got a program that has earned a location amongst the upper echelon of gaming laptops.


The Lenovo Legion Y920 is about as hulking as you’d expect to get a desktop refill, tipping the scales at far more than 9.five pounds and chargeur asus exa1208eh/ac adapter asus exa1208eh measuring a roomy 16.17 x 12.four x 1.42 inches. As soon as you add the enormous power brick, you’re seeking at close to 12 pounds of hardware.

The Y920’s sturdy shell boasts a handsome brushed-aluminum lid emblazoned with Lenovo’s familiar “Y”-shaped logo, with a pair of stylish cooling vents in back.

Open up the Y920 and you will discover a nifty maroon speaker grille sitting above the mechanical keyboard (additional on the keyboard itself in a moment). The keyboard’s RGB backlighting boasts a trio of customizable presets, ranging from a soothing “wave” effect to chargeur asus adp 90yd b/chargeur asus exa1202yh a pulsating ripple whenever you strike a key. Each zone and single-key backlighting are also around the menu.

Sitting in the top-left corner in the keyboard is the Y920’s Turbo Increase switch, which allows you to overclock both the CPU and batterie asus r510c the GPU on the fly. Due to the Y920’s one-touch Turbo Increase feature, you may overclock the CPU’s maximum clock speed from three.6GHz to 4.1GHz, even though the GPU can go from a leading clock speed of 4GHz to 4.1GHz. We’ll take Turbo Boost to get a real-world spin within a moment.


Lenovo equipped the Legion Y920 using a 1920 x 1080 panel befitting a premium gaming rig. The 17.3-inch anti-glare screen is simultaneously vibrant, stunningly vivid and chargeur surface 3/chargeur microsoft surface 3 correct. Even far better, the technique has Nvidia’s G-Sync technologies. That implies when I was fighting my way through a horde of angry Kett on ultra settings, the tech made certain the display’s refresh rate was in sync with all the graphics card for buttery-smooth graphics, higher frame rates and no latency.

The Black Panther trailer was a feast for the eyes. I ogled the Dora Milaje as they stood tall in their crimson-red uniforms with acer spin 5 sp513 51 charger gleaming gold accents. The warrior women’s brown skin drew my eye and held it lengthy enough for me to take stock of the intricate rings in their necklaces. Gaming was just as quite. Exploring the rainy, dying planet of chargeur asus adp 33aw c Havarl in Mass Impact: Andromeda, I marveled in the bright-pink, fern-like foliage with its delicate fronds.

The Y920’s screen is nice and vivid, reproducing 119 percent of the sRGB gamut. That is slightly beneath the 122 desktop-replacement typical, but was still improved than lenovo think pad x1 carbon 20fb battery the Zephyrus (114 percent), Alienware 17 (113 percent), G752VS (112 percent) and P57Xv7 (112 %).

This screen also proved to become relatively precise, returning a Delta-E score of 0.three (0 is excellent), topping the 1.3 average, the G752VS’ two.1 and lenovo thinkpad yoga s1 battery replacement/lenovo thinkpad yoga 20cd battery the Alienware 17’s 0.5. However, the P57Xv7 and Zephyrus proved a lot more precise at 0.19 and 0.21, respectively.

Averaging 362 nits of brightness, the Legion Y920’s show can be a shining beacon, outperforming the 290-nit category average along with chargeur samsung np270e5e the Alienware 17 (340 nits), P57Xv7 (314 nits) and Zephyrus (253 nits). Still, the G752 proved to become the brightest, at a blinding 476 nits.


If you happen to be a fan of USB three.0, you’ll like the collection of ports on chargeur asus adp 120rh b the Lenovo Legion Y920. Around the left side from the Y920, you’ll uncover two of a total of four USB three.0 ports, in addition to a rectangular energy port, DisplayPort, complete HDMI, Gigabit ethernet, and-sad face-a single Thunderbolt 3 port.

On the ride side of the laptop sits an SD card reader, a microphone input, a headset jack, a Kensington lock, and the other two USB 3.0 ports.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard is amongst the key elements that set this laptop aside from other devices with comparable traits. It is a low-profile mechanical keyboard, and chargeur asus adp 45bw c it feels nor like a common notebook keyboard or as a desktop mechanical keyboard. In line with Lenovo it uses Cherry MX switches, but it does not feel like anything I’ve utilised just before and I could not discover just what kind.

The typing expertise is odd, each because of the deep stroke (2.2 mm) and specifically the elevated resistance. These keys are difficult to push and they’ve a deep actuation point, which suggests you cannot touch form like on a standard mechanical keyboard, you’ll need to chargeur toshiba pa5034u 1aca be sure to press them all of the way down. That meant that as a person applied to low-stroke mid-resistance keys, I initially hated their feedback. Numerous thousands words later although, for me this keyboard is now certainly one of the fastest laptop keyboards I’ve ever gotten my hands on.

I nevertheless can not say it really is certainly one of my favorites, I’d possibly have to have a lot more time to get employed to it, as I still must adjust my style and pa5170u 1brs/batterie toshiba satellite nb10t a 101 recall to hit these keys tough, otherwise missed strokes commence taking place. In fact, I nonetheless struggle to attain a constant typing accuracy of no less than 95%, and most of the errors have a tendency to take place when I’ve to work with the Shift and Space keys.

This keyboard is also around the loud side, as you’d certainly anticipate from mechanical switches with chargeur asus ad887020 their distinctive click. This is quite a bit quieter than even a desktop Cherry MX Brown keyboard, but also louder than a regular laptop keyboard and not effectively suited for typing in a library and also other quiet environments exactly where folks could offer you a raised eyebrow if you stand out in any way.

For gaming, this comes with anti-ghosting and rapid response time. The layout also tends to make positive the arrow keys are nicely spaced and separated in the others, but it really is equivalent for the other Legions, with lenovo yoga 900 13isk2 battery/yoga 900 13isk battery an uncommon NumPad Section with no devoted function keys like Residence, End, Delete, PrtScr, and so forth. That is a single extra reason I believe this really is not a keyboard for specialists who use these keys on a daily basis, but anything more suitable for gamers. I do like how the secondary functions are integrated on the NumPad and chargeur asus ad890026 not around the F keys like with most other laptops.

As an addition from the other Legions, the Y920 also gets four macro keys along with a Turbo toggle as the most-left column of keys. They may be customizable as well as the Turbo essential is actually a switch that slides up and batterie asus a32li9h down inside a really nice way. However, I find the positioning annoying, as I generally appear to hit the Y4 button rather from the left Ctrl, so I had to make confident there was no function assigned to that crucial so at least continually hitting it wouldn’t do anything unwanted.

Another selling point right here is the RGB backlightning. The integrated Lenovo Sense app makes it possible for to individually customize every key’s colour and chargeur acer a13 045n2a effect, customize specific locations from the keyboard or select general effects for each of the keys. The trackpad is also framed by a lit border which you can customize in the similar app, which also gives manage more than the color-bar in the top with the keyboard. The app allows to create 3 various profiles for the keyboard, trackpad and chargeur acer sw5 015 137z 18w light bar, too as a general Lights-Off profile, and also you can toggle in between them by hitting Fn+Space.

As a side note, I couldn’t figure a method to turn the light bar and trackpad off independently from the keyboard, even though maintaining the keys backlit, but I located that switching their color to batterie pa5109u 1brs/toshiba pa5109u 1brs black ends up fully muting them.

As far as mouse goes, Lenovo went with an Elan created clickpad here. It really is plastic, nevertheless it feels nice to the touch and has a smooth matte texture. It also performs surprisingly nicely for an Elan surface. Actually, together with the exception in the lack of dell inspiron 15 7559 charger/dell inspiron 7559 charger Back swipes in browsers, I could not come across something that I didn’t like about it and I didn’t run into any sluggishness or stuttering for the duration of my time using the laptop.

As a clickpad, the click buttons are integrated within the surface, but they perform smoothly and are not stiff. They are a little loud although.

General performance

We didn’t find any significant surprises though putting the Lenovo Legion Y920 and dell inspiron 15 7559 charger/dell inspiron 7559 charger its quad-core, Kaby Lake-era Core i7-7820HK processor by way of its paces. We compared it to other current 17-inch gaming laptops we’ve tested, a range that includes the maxed-out Origin Pc EON17-X and Alienware 17 R5 (each costing over $1,000 additional than the Legion Y920, and for superior cause); the prior-generation Alienware 17 R4, that is closer to batterie asus a41 x550e the Legion Y920 in specs; plus the HP Omen 17 and MicroCenter PowerSpec 17, which carry 7th-gen CPUs at the same time. For the Legion Y920, we include benefits for each its default and Turbo modes.

Gaming performance

With its mid-range Nvidia GTX 1070 graphic core, the Lenovo Legion Y920 turns in strong performance with regards to playing our preferred AAA gaming titles, cranking out buttery visuals nicely north of 60 fps at chargeur surface pro 3/alimentation surface pro 3 maxed video settings. Just don’t expect the Y920’s Turbo mode to juice frame rates beyond a number of percentage points.

Looking at our 3DMark FireStrike Intense results, the Lenovo Legion Y920’s efficiency landed fairly a lot exactly where we expected, slightly ahead of chargeur lenovo adl45wcg the similarly GTX 1070-equipped HP Omen 17, but well behind laptops with beefier Nvidia graphics cores (which include the Alienware 17 R4). When we flipped the Y920’s Turbo switch, we saw only a slight (1.7 %) improvement in its score.

Next, we fired up 2013’s Tomb Raider reboot. Once once more the Legion Y920 is fairly considerably on the mark, edging the HP Omen 17 and keeping pace with batterie hp 800050 001/batterie hp pavilion gaming 15 the Microcenter PowerSpec 17, one more GTX 1070-powered gaming laptop. Engaging Turbo mode only gave us a slight 1.3-percent performance increase.

Moving on to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, the Lenovo Legion Y920 managed to serve up a steady 130 fps-slightly much better than what we’ve previously seen using the GTX 1070-equipped HP Omen 17 and Microcenter PowerSpec 17. Flipping on lenovo yoga 2 13 battery Turbo mode netted a smaller 1.6-percent performance enhance, which (not surprisingly) wasn’t fairly superior sufficient to match the stellar frame rate of GTX 1080-equipped competition.

Finally, the graphically intense Rise of the Tomb Raider kept the Legion Y920 to about 103 frames per second, on a par with batterie toshiba pa5186u 1brs blanc the GTX 1070-packing HP Omen 17 along with the Microcenter PowerSpec 17, and even in range of GTX 1080-powered machines. Turning on Turbo mode gave us a modest 2.7-percent fps improvement.

Battery life

Lenovo puts a 90 Wh battery around the Yoga Y920, that is what I’d anticipate from a machine of this size.

Don’t forget there is an i7-7820HK inside and also a GSync screen, so you should not count on numerous hours of use out of this one particular, but even so you can get decent battery life with surface pro 4 chargeur each day use. We set the screen at roughly 120 nits (30% brightness) and here’s what you ought to expect in every day use.

The laptop comes having a 230 W energy brick along with a full charge requires about three hours, even longer if you’re playing games during toshiba laptop battery pa5109u 1brs/toshiba battery pa5109u 1brs this time. It weighs about .9 kilos, so it’s not lighter than other choices, despite its distinct flat shape that looks fairly compact.

Final thoughts

At the end of your day, the Lenovo Legion Y920 is among the very best buys in its niche, that of full-size high-performance laptops with a 17-inch screen.

It has a handful of flaws, but most of them are not deal breakers, like the truth that the screen gets a reflective coating, the fact that the fans are loud and also the metallic case gets somewhat as well hot for batterie hp 800050 001 a laptop of this heft. Some of the quirks could steer you away even though, just like the poor wireless functionality at variety as well as the keyboard, which is unique from any other laptop keyboards, with an odd layout and a feedback that could possibly not be up everyone’s alley.

But then the keyboard is also among the key elements that sets this laptop aside from the crowd, so I encourage you to pa5121u 1brs/toshiba battery pa5121u 1brs give it a go if doable. The develop good quality and clean style are also strong promoting points for the Y920, also as the wonderful panel with GSync, the large battery, the fantastic IO and speakers, and last but surely not least, the functionality.

Our test unit did properly in each day use and games, and whilst it wasn’t able to batterie asus a32n1405/batterie a32n1405 squeeze the absolute best the platform is capable of, I think that will be accomplished with additional tweaking, like repasting the CPU/GPU and undervolting the CPU. Not surprisingly, it will be great if performance would have already been flawless out of lenovo adlx65ycc2a sa10m13947 the box, but I’ve however to find a high-performance laptop which will do that just of but.

So in the end of your day this notebook is primarily developed as a gaming machine, a single that may live most of its life on a desk, indoors; and chargeur asus eee pc x101ch/chargeur asus x101ch as a gaming machine you will hardly obtain an option that would provide better value for the cash, specially after the Core i7-7700HQ configurations is going to be available in stores and when costs drop slightly, as with most other Lenovo laptops. So if you are searching for a 17-inch gaming machine within the second portion of 2017, you will possess a strong pretender in acer aspire m5 583p 5859 battery the Lenovo Legion Y920, alongside alternatives just like the Alienware 17, MSI GS73 Titan and ASU ROG GL752VS.

If you happen to be a professional and want a strong laptop for perform although, this one’s keyboard, reflective screen with only FHD resolution and average color coverage, as well as the higher hardware temperatures, could make you appear elsewhere alternatively.

That wraps up our assessment from the Lenovo legion Y920, but he comments section under awaits your comments and feedback.

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