Lenovo Ideapad 510 Review

August 2, 2018

Design and Build

Being a mainstream laptop, the Ideapad 510 has a no-frills design and plastic body, for the most part. The lid and the keyboard area get sheets of metal for rigidity, but despite this, we found a fair bit of flex in the body even when applying moderate amounts of pressure. The plastic even creaks a bit when you press the joints, which indicates Dell XPS M170 M1710 Slim Charger headphone and microphone combo jack, two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port, HDMI and VGA outputs, LAN, and a DVD drive.

The Ideapad 510 features a full-sized keyboard with good spacing between the keys. There’s a single level of backlighting for the keys, which are evenly lit. Tactile feedback of the keys is good, but there is flex when typing. Our biggest gripe with the keyboard is the incorrect placement of the right Shift key, which is beyond the Up arrow. Naturally, you tend to press the wrong key nearly every time you type. The trackpad is also fairly large and is placed well so it doesn’t hinder typing. Its buttons don’t require too much effort to use but the trackpad itself feels a bit rough and unresponsive, especially for multi-finger gestures.There are four rubber feet that provide ample elevation even on most uneven surfaces. This helps keep the vents on the bottom clear to take in cool air. The exhaust vents are placed on the inside of CP500588-01 Fujitsu 65W Charger the rather unusual color, plain elegance is on the schedule. The five rubber spacers on the display bezel’s outer edge look a bit strange at first.

It doesn’t take much effort to twist the base to some extent. However, it does not produce unhealthy noises. As so often, the optical drive installed into the right rear is also a reason for some instability. Nevertheless, the base still makes a fairly solid impression in total. Although the gaps and transitions are not always perfectly even, Samsung S22D300HY Charger The Asus is no longer just a trivial 7 millimeters taller, while the difference to the Acer is approximately 5.5 millimeters. The much more compact and thinner HP is quite a bit more mobile than its three opponents.


As is common for slim and light laptops, the interface configuration hardly goes beyond the minimum standard. We just did not expect the outdated VGA port that is occasionally needed for connecting antique projectors or monitors. Netzteil Microsoft Surface Pro 3 A fold-out Gigabit Ethernet port is present for stationary use. 4K resolutions can only be rendered at 30 Hz externally for the lack of HDMI 2.0. Of the three USB ports, only the right rear USB port supports the old 2.0 standard.

While the manufacturer has managed to place all left-sided ports around the center, both right-sided USB ports (right-handed users) are far front, where inserted cables or flash drives could interfere with using an external mouse. Netzteil Microsoft Surface RT The optical drive behind these ports likely made this less than ideal positioning necessary.

Screen and Audio

For a machine costing just ¡ê450, it’s great to see the screen on the 80TK002VUK version of the 510S uses IPS LCD technology. This ensures it benefits from far better viewing angles than cheaper TN panels, as well as more accurate colours and better black levels.

This is evident the moment you fire up the machine: the screen looks crisp and colourful, with a real depth to blacks. It’s also good to see a Netzteil Microsoft Surface Pro 4 matte anti-glare coating in use to keep reflections at bay.

With a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 on a relatively small 14in screen, Lenovo has chosen to ship the 510S with the Windows scaling option set to 150% so that text and icons appear larger and more readable. However, you could just about get away with running it at native resolution if you have sharp eyesight-and if you do then it will mean that you end up with far more desktop space.

When it comes to audio, the 510S offers a reasonable level of power and clarity from its speakers. They certainly aren’t setting new records, but are a step up from the tinniest, weakest ones included on truly cheap laptops.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Thanks to the Ideapad 500’s bouncy, responsive keys, I cranked out 69 words per minute with 97 percent accuracy on the 10FastFingers.com typing test, which is close to my average rates (69 wpm with 99 percent accuracy).The Ideapad’s keys have a solid 1.65 millimeters of travel and require a strong 62 grams of force to actuate. We hope to find Netzteil AD890026 Asus between 1.5 and 2mm of travel in notebook keyboards.The Ideapad’s touchpad is a speedy and accurate joy to use. As I traced my finger around the touchpad in fast and wild movements, it kept pace with my gestures. The touchpad also accurately registered two-finger gestures, including scrolling, pinching and zooming.


Powered by a 6th Generation Intel Core i7-6500U processor with 8GB of RAM and AMD Radeon R7 discrete graphics, the Ideapad doesn’t beat all of its competitors, but it has enough muscle for serious multitasking and casual gaming.

On GeekBench 3, which measures overall performance, the Ideapad scored 6,128, which beats the Core i3-4005U-powered HP 15t Touch (3,420) and Core i5-5200U-powered Satellite Radius (5,489). However, that score is below those of the Core i5-6300HQ-powered Inspiron 15 (8,800) and average mainstream laptop (8,936). We measure a Netzteil Delta ADP-120RH B Asus hard drive’s speed by timing how fast it can duplicate 4.97GB of multimedia files, and the Ideapad’s 1TB, 5,400rpm hard drive completed this task in 2 minutes and 42 seconds, for a rate of 31.42MBps. That’s faster than the 750GB, 5,400rpm drive in the 15t Touch (25.6MBps), but slower than the 1TB, 5,400rpm hard drive in the Inspiron 15 (34.62MBps) and the 750GB, 5,400rpm hard drive in the Satellite Radius (39.15 MBps).

The Ideapad also achieved a middle-of-the-pack result in the OpenOffice Spreadsheet Macro test, where it matched 20,000 names and addresses in 4 minutes and 4 seconds. That time is shorter than those of the HP 15t Touch Netzteil PA-1650-93 Asus (7:59), Satellite Radius (5:42) and average notebook (5:20), but slightly longer than the Inspiron 15’s time (3:58).The Ideapad 510 manages day-to-day operations quite well. Booting is relatively quick, and the Core i5 CPU has no problem with a bit of multi-tasking. The laptop doesn’t heat up too much, but does get a little warm when charging it or when you’re doing something intensive like gaming. You can feel the left side of the palm rest area and some of the keys getting warm. The bottom stays cool enough for you to use the Ideapad 510 comfortably on your lap. At full throttle, the exhaust fan is audible, but not loud enough to be a nuisance.

The display’s viewing angles are pretty good, and the full-HD resolution makes creating and consuming content quite enjoyable. However, the maximum brightness level is a bit weak, even for indoor use, which means you’ll need to have it Netzteil Lenovo IdeaPad MIIX 310 set to above 90 percent most of the time. The HD webcam captures good quality video, even with low ambient lighting indoors, and there’s a microphone array for audio capture.

In benchmarks, the laptop performs similarly to previous-generation Ultrabooks based on the sixth-generation Skylake Core i7-6700U CPU. Cinebench R15 gave us a score of 324 points in the CPU test and 48fps in the OpenGL graphics test. PCMark 8 returned 3199, 3569, and 2741 points in the Home, Creative, and Work test suites respectively. 3DMark put up a decent score of 1405 but that’s still pretty weak when compared to laptops that use Nvidia’s GTX 950M, which are also available in this price range. We also have to point out that storage subsystem performance is quite average since the Ideapad 510 uses a standarddell inspiron 15 3521 charger 5400rpm mechanical hard drive.


Lenovo has priced the entry-level Ideapad 510 at Rs.60,890, which feels a bit too much considering the quality of the overall package. This laptop does fulfill its intended purpose, which is multimedia, as it offers a sharp display, very good speakers and a good webcam. We also like that it doesn’t get too hot, and that it is possible to hp pavilion dm4 battery upgrade the hard drive and RAM without much hassle.

There are a couple of things which Lenovo could have done to make this laptop a more compelling option. For starters, we would have liked better build quality, as the plastics used here don’t feel very durable. Even the fit and finish of the parts is rough. Other niggles include the low brightness level of the display, unresponsive trackpad, weird placement of the Shift key, and weak battery life.

Dell and HP have similarly powerful models for a bit more money although we haven’t tested their respective Kaby Lake refreshes yet. The Ideapad 510 might look better against them if its street price comes down a bit.

Battery Life

Don’t expect to carry the Ideapad 500 too far from an outlet. On the Laptop Battery Test, which involves continuous surfing over Wi-Fi at 100 nits, Lenovo’s laptop lasted a mere 3 hours and 43 minutes. That’s a shorter than the Inspiron 15 (6:45), HP 15t Touch (5:24), Satellite Radius (5:14) and average laptop (5:50). If you turn the dell latitude e7450 charger brightness up all the way or play games rather than just surf the Web on the Ideapad 500, expect its time to be much lower.

Software and Warranty

The Ideapad’s preloaded software includes the proprietary Lenovo Companion app for system maintenance, updates and support; OneKey Recovery for system backup management; and the ReachIt Bring-Your-Own-Cloud file-organization app. The company also included its own Settings app, which wrangles in a commonly used group of option toggles from Windows 10’s settings. SHAREit lets you transfer files between your toshiba satellite c55 charger Ideapad and smartphones running iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Lenovo includes a one-year warranty with 24/7 phone support and free parts and labor for mail-in repairs.

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