Lenovo Flex 6 11 Review

September 11, 2019

The Lenovo Flex six 11 packs a hefty punch to get a tiny budget 2-in-1 laptop. For $329.99, you get a reasonably potent Intel Celeron processor, a modest 64GB of eMMC storage and over 9 hours of battery, all packed into a sleek physique. However ADP 45BW it does suffer from some overall performance troubles, due to its scant 2GB of RAM. Mainly because of its somewhat dull 11-inch show and lackluster audio, your multimedia encounter won’t be the very best. Nevertheless, the Flex 6 delivers excellent price range functionality and an enjoyable typing experience for every day workloads which students and jetsetters will appreciate. That is why it really is among our greatest sub-$500 laptops and finest 2-in-1 laptops.

Lenovo has seemingly taken its time to refine the design and style of the Flex lineup, and also the 11-inch model looks fantastic, particularly to get a sub-$300 device. The lines flow smoothly with silver accents, the hinges are stiff and can hold the show in location no matter how far you have rotated it around, and ga240pe1 00 the PC/ABS plastic chassis seems like it’ll hold up nicely. You could very easily error it as an aluminum build, particularly considering that it weighs about 2.75 pounds (1.25kg).This is a compact laptop that’s meant to become tucked beneath an arm or placed at the bottom of a stack of textbooks. It’s not the thinnest at 0.7 inches thick, but there is certainly a superb selection of ports for your peripherals, which includes HDMI, USB-A 2.0, USB-A three.0, USB-C, and an SD card reader. The laptop also includes a port for the 65W barrel charger that can charge the laptop to complete in just more than an hour.


Made of polycarbonate plastic, the Flex six 11 comes in any color you’d like, as long as it is black. To me even though, the develop good quality feels fairly premium even though. I had basically guessed that components of it were produced of adlx45dlc2a metal until I study via the specs.One particular issue that I can appreciate about this device is that it is really transportable, which means that it’s little and light, so it really is quick to throw within a bag and take on the go. It weighs in at just 2.75 pounds, and it’s only 0.7 inches thick. Having a convertible kind aspect, I truly can’t complain concerning the style.

The Flex 6 presents a straightforward, sleek design and style with a two-tone black plastic chassis with silver accents. The 734630 001 Lenovo logo sits neatly engraved in the top-left corner of the lid, as well as the dual, 360-degree aluminum hinges have a slight gleam. Those hinges are not just for show; they enable the system to transform from a regular laptop into tablet, tent and presentation modes.Once you open it up, you’re greeted using a smooth base leading up to the fancy-looking island keyboard, and just below that is definitely an even smoother touchpad.


The Flex 6 characteristics an 11-inch screen with an awkwardly thick border. But that is not the worse portion. This 1366 x 768 display suffers from muted colors and is plagued by glare. Luke Cage, a show that is meant to 0317A19135 be brimming with colorful cinematography, felt washed out as I watched the trailer for the second season. As Luke Cage walked by way of the streets of Harlem, his black-and-yellow hoodie looked faded instead of bold.

The resolution of the show is 1366×768, which actually feels fine on a screen this modest. It really is really just not a really great screen. The LCD backlight feels also bright, and everything appears slightly bit washed out due to the fact of it. Once again 04G266010600, thinking about the price on the Flex six 11, this can be likely to become expected.It really is also listed as getting an anti-glare show, something that is also not impressive. From my expertise, this issue is terrible in terms of glares in vibrant lighting conditions.Sporting an 11.6” screen, the Flex 6 11” has an HD resolution of 1366×768. Although it is not a negative resolution given the screen size and it is actually clear and crisp adequate, you’ll be able to absolutely notice the lower resolution at a glance. Keeping in mind this can be an entry level convertible laptop, it really is quick to see why the decrease resolution screen is incorporated.


Performance with the Lenovo Flex 6 11” – as tested – was hit and miss. As 1 would expect, when opening extra than a handful of tabs in Microsoft Edge and the method gets sluggish. Being this device is depending on portability and adp 180mb f on-the-go productivity, most of our testing was accomplished on battery energy more than a hotspot or directly connected to Wi-Fi. Consequently, there were instances when the technique responded relatively effectively given the Celeron processor and 2GB of RAM, but there had been other folks when it would really feel particularly sluggish through the very same session doing the identical tasks.

The Flex six offers great overall performance for its value, featuring an Intel Celeron N4000 processor, 2GB of RAM, 64GB of eMMC storage and la130pm121 an Intel UHD Graphics 600 card. I noticed slight lag when opening applications, however it did not truly slow down until I ran Disney Magic Kingdoms with 13 Google Chrome tabs open, having a 1080p video playing inside the background. Although you should not anticipate to run anything extra taxing than the games preinstalled on this program, the Flex six topples its competitors with regards to power.

When plugged in, functionality seemed to be slightly greater but there were nonetheless instances when the system seemed to lag, especially when first working with it. After a couple of minutes, items seem to ”catch up” and overall performance seems to be much more sufficient. The largest ”lag” I noticed seems to come and battery dell inspiron 7378 go whilst typing as, at times, it took a even though for the characters to catch up whilst typing.For essentially the most portion though, for the price, the efficiency was o.k. but you will absolutely notice the slower speeds if you’re made use of to functioning on a desktop or laptop with larger specifications. For the fundamentals, even though, it needs to be fine so long as you’re not operating as well a lot of apps at after. I’d also suggest having the 4GB version in an effort to speed points up just that much more.

With a 360-degree hinge, you will discover four major modes that you can use the device in. For probably the most element, you are going to in all probability be employing it in laptop mode, that is exactly where the show is folded at the common 90-ish degrees. I think acer swift sf314 51 battery that’s fairly self-explanatory, so we won’t go any deeper into laptop mode.Folding the screen back a complete 360 degrees is tablet mode, because you’re applying it like a tablet. Given that there’s no active pen assistance, you will not be using it for Windows Ink. Nevertheless, you may want to use it to play some (extremely) light games, or watch motion pictures on Netflix or Hulu.

Both the Lenovo Flex six 11 and the Acer Spin 1 function Intel Celeron processors. The Flex 6 11 makes use of the newer Celeron N4000, which was released in the end of 2017, when the Spin 1 options the Celeron N3350 that was released a year earlier. Each chips are low-power dual-core chips with a base frequency of 1.1GHz, but the N4000 can ramp up to 2.6GHz, when the N3350 is rated to go only to two.4GHz.

Perhaps a lot more considerably, the Celeron N4000 has double the cache, at 4MB, versus the N3350. The Flex six 11’s processor benefit helped it overcome its disadvantage in general program memory (2GB of RAM, as we talked about, for the Spin 1’s 4GB). Even the Lenovo Flex 11 Chromebook has 4GB of memory, and lenovo y50 70 charger Chrome OS needs a fraction with the method sources that Windows does to run smoothly. So I’d assume twice about that 4GB RAM/128GB SSD $399 configuration, provided the opportunity.


Lenovo claims a 6-hour battery life amongst charges and in the course of testing although finishing basic web-related tasks like word processing and watching a handful of YouTube videos, we have been conveniently able to hit this mark then some on numerous occasions. Obviously, battery life varies broadly according to what you’re making use of but given the somewhat limited overall performance and the HD screen, you’d be hard pressed to run sufficient items to drain the battery in rapid order.

The keyboard is not quite exactly the same as the one particular around the 14-inch model (which I thought was possibly its best function), even though it is nevertheless well-spaced, constant, and l15l3a03 comfy. Keys have a lot of travel, even though there is no backlight. If you’re usually operating without any outdoors light, this may no doubt be an annoyance. The Precision touchpad is actually a excellent size for such a little device, and it worked without flaw.

Once you handle to open the Flex six 11, you’ll get your fingers on its roomy, full-size keyboard. Despite the trim dimensions of this 11.6-inch laptop, the keyboard does not really feel cramped, plus the keys offer a firm really feel with all the correct amount of travel. They may be also supremely quiet and adp 150vb b adapter don’t suffer from any of your low cost, clacky really feel that plagues other budget laptops.The only complaint we’ve got in regards to the Flex 6 11’s keyboard isn’t with the keys themselves but the keyboard deck. It-ahem-flexed a bit when we have been typing. Also, given the aggressive price tag, keyboard backlighting is just not an alternative, that is a bummer but fully understandable inside a budget machine like this.

The touchpad gives enough space and also a friction-free matte surface to produce mousing around it comfy. As opposed to the quiet keys, though, the touchpad delivers too much vertical travel, and you are going to hear a loud click when it’s pressed.Some 11.6-inch-screened models, for instance the Spin 1, boast a 1080p (1,920-by-1,080-pixel) show, but cpa a065 lenovo adapter most make you get by using a 1,366-by-768-pixel native screen resolution. The Flex six 11 is, indeed, like most. The display is pretty vibrant, with accurate colors, but in spite of Lenovo’s claims that it has an anti-glare finish, I identified the show to have a glossy coating prone to glare and reflections. Also, note that a higher-resolution show wouldn’t only give a crisper image, but in addition offer you a lot more powerful screen real estate in which to juggle windows.

With a staring value of $229.99USD ($359.99CAD – beginning price tag distinction as a consequence of configurations, or lack thereof, provided in Canada), the Lenovo Flex 6 11” is certainly an inexpensive option for those hunting for standard functionality. Our assessment unit, as configured, will set you back $329.99USD. So long as a single keeps in thoughts the sony kdl 48r550c power supply decrease specifications, the Flex six can be a excellent option for notetaking and basic office form functions when on the go. I’d certainly recommend obtaining 4GB of RAM for certain for added efficiency along with the 128GB eMMC option if you are going to be storing lots of files on the go.

The Lenovo Flex 6 11” is a portable convertible that’s lightweight and compact with decent battery life and lenovo thinkpad e450 charger semi-acceptable functionality for fundamental computing tasks around the go. To be totally honest though, unless you absolutely need to have Windows ten, I’d go having a similarly priced Chromebook as you will get a lot far better efficiency with comparable specifications for standard tasks like word processing and internet browsing.

If you happen to be hunting for a affordable convertible that’s stylish and somewhat functional, the Lenovo Flex 6 11 may be the technique to go. The truth is, at Lenovo.com, it is on sale for $249.99.If you’re hunting to get a budget 2-in-1 for entertainment purposes, the acer laptop battery ac14b8k Acer Spin 1 gives a a lot more vivid, full-HD display with decent audio and pen help for around the same price tag, but you are going to sacrifice battery life. All round, in case you need a budget laptop to manage your workload and last the majority of the day, Lenovo’s Flex six 11 is really a excellent selection.

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