Dell XPS 13 review

August 3, 2018

If we had to go with just three words to describe the Dell XPS 13 2018 in all of its Alpine White glory, it’d have to be those. On paper, this is the kind of laptop you would expect to look inconspicuous and plain. Rocking an 8th-generation Kaby Lake-R processor, three USB-C ports, Windows 10 and even a microSD card slot, it’s more Netzteil AD883020 Asus powerful than it looks. It’s also incredibly portable-weighing in at just 2.67 pounds (1.21kg), so not only is it less expensive than Apple’s MacBook Pro, but it also weighs less.

It also features a more modern aesthetic. You just need to look at recent flagship smartphone releases, and you’ll know bezel-less displays are in style these days-Dell knew it before anyone else. The next-generation InfinityEdge panel found here has bezels so thin, they practically vanish into thin air-its simply futuristic. If you can get past the awkward camera placement, it may just be the best laptop you can buy today-a sentiment echoed Netzteil ADP-33AW C Asus across the internet.We absolutely love the 2018 Dell XPS 13, thanks in part to that new color option. In fact, we’re so impressed by Dell’s new design that it’s once again earned TechRadar’s Best in Class award for laptops-and it’s still the best 13-inch laptop you can buy today. However, if you want in on the the biggest design revision in years, you’re going to have to pay the Dell XPS 13’s price-which is more than its been in the past.


This year is the first time that Dell as noticeably changed the XPS 13 design since it earned the top spot in our rankings. To start, it’s actually lighter Netzteil Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and thinner than the 2017 model that launched just a few months ago.

Dell slimmed down the XPS 13 chassis to be 30% thinner at just 0.3 inches (3.4mm) at its narrowest point and a touch lighter at merely 2.67 pounds (1.21kg).

Now, the most notable of changes to the XPS 13 Netzteil Asus EXA1208CH EXA1208EH EXA1208UH design is bound to be the brand new Rose Gold on Alpine White color option.

While almost every laptop maker has a rose gold color option these days, Dell took it to the next level with an all-new set of materials for the complementary-colored keyboard deck. Dell is particularly proud that the new keyboard deck houses a crystalline silica material that has the white color literally woven into it like a fabric, Netzteil Apple MacBook Pro 13 Mid 2009 in nine composite layers.

This is the first time woven glass fiber has been, well, woven into a laptop. Plus, the base has a titanium oxide coating which gives it a pearlescent sheen, not to mention stronger stain-resistance than most.

Sadly, the same can’t be said for the plastic that borders the edges of the laptop’s display. Over the past few weeks of use, we’ve found that this softer plastic has grown a little gray compared to the plastic that borders the edge Akku Toshiba PA3817U-1BRS of base.

Of course, this XPS 13 model also marks the turning point on what might be its biggest bugbear: the webcam placement. Better yet, the new IR lens works well for speedy logins using Windows Hello, the biometric security system that uses your webcam to sign you in. However, the red flashing of the infrared lights is a little intense.That said, the 720p webcam produces about as sharp of visual as that of the latest MacBook Netzteil Dell XPS 15 (9550) Serie Pro, but isn’t a 60 frames-per-second lens like that on the Pixelbook. The Surface Book 2 beats them all with a 1080p camera.

The webcam comes equipped with four microphones-placed within the lip of the base of the laptop-for stronger video chatting input as well as far-field communication for yelling at Cortana from across the room. These mics pick up clearer voice audio over video chats than some of its competitors.

However, they won’t be challenging the likes of Google Home and Amazon Echo anytime soon. While the microphones can pick up our ¡®Hey, Cortana’ commands from a few feet away in front of the laptop, trying them from behind the Dell XPS 13 9370 i7-8550U USB-C Charger laptop at the same distance is a bust.


As you’d expect, the XPS 13 still feels like a high-end machine, thanks to its sleek aluminum case and rock-solid build quality. This time around, Dell added a white interior to its rose-gold case to make it more fashionable. It might just be a taste issue, but many Engadget editors found the new styling to be a bit too cheap and garish Dell XPS M170 M1710 Slim Charger for the XPS line.

The woven-glass-fiber palm rest feels comfortable, at least, and Dell claims it’s also stain-resistant. Unfortunately, its kryptonite is sunscreen and mustard, so definitely don’t bring it to a beach cookout. But, rest assured, you can still snag the XPS 13 with a silver case and black-carbon-fiber interior if you’d prefer to stick with the traditional style.

This year’s XPS 13 comes in a slimmer and lighter package, weighing in at 2.7 pounds and measuring between 7.8 mm and 11.6 mm thick. AD883220 Asus 45W Charger In comparison, the previous XPS 13 was a bit heavier if you wanted a touchscreen, at 2.9 pounds. It’s light, but because the case looks so thin, it feels denser than you’d expect.

To make the newer case work, Dell had to drop USB-A ports and a full-size SD card slot. Instead, you’ve got three USB-C ports, two of which are compatible with Intel’s Thunderbolt 3 standard, as well as a micro-SD card slot. And yes, you can charge from any of the USB-C connections. Gamers will also appreciate the ability to hook up an external GPU to the Thunderbolt ports, something that wasn’t possible in previous models.And of course, there’s a gorgeous 13.3-inch screen available in 1080p or 4K at the high end. You can choose between standard and touchscreen options, and there’s HDR support, finally. That’ll let you see video that’s both brighter and darker than before. The “InfinityEdge” bezels are 23 percent thinner than before, according to Dell, though it’s not CP500588-01 Fujitsu 65W Charger something I noticed at first. (Probably because they were already pretty slim to begin with.)

Another minor change: Dell moved the 720p webcam to the center instead of being off to the side. It’s still stuck at the bottom of the screen — which is a casualty of that InfinityEdge display — but at least it’s easier to align your face properly. There are also four far-field microphones in the XPS 13, which will make it easier for you to shout commands at Cortana, or clearly chat with friends over Skype.

The keyboard

Keyboard quality has long been among the XPS 13’s greatest strengths. The redesign left us worried, as such designs do, that Dell might mess with the formula. They haven’t. The keyboard remains great. In fact, if anything, it improved slightly. Key travel seems identical between the two, but the new model has a firmer, more HP PFC USB Type-C USB-C Charger tactile bottoming action. Finicky typists should be warned the layout is still on the small side, with some tiny keys ¡ª like Backspace. Still, it’s excellent for a laptop this small, rivaling the Surface Book 2 and far exceeding alternatives like the MacBook Pro 13 and Asus Zenbook 3.

A backlit keyboard is standard, but only offers two levels of brightness adjustment. We also found that, at least on the white model, lighting quality wasn’t great. Keys were lit unevenly across the keyboard, and light was dim around the edge of each key cap.

We’re happier with the touchpad. The XPS 13’s small size means the touch surface is a bit constrained even relative to other 13-inch devices like the Samsung Notebook 9 Pen, but the XPS 13 makes up for that with a smooth, responsive feel and full Windows Precision Touchpad support. Windows 10 now has many useful gestures and, once you know them, they’re a breeze to flip through.

Screen star

The real star here is the screen. Both the HD and 4K displays looked clear, bright and colorful, if a bit on the glossy side. But they also really popped because of the superthin bezel around the display, especially now that the slim screen outline is white, which helps it further fade into the background.

The webcam issue feels like a solvable problem. If we can put a webcam into a pair of cheap sunglasses, there’s got to be a solution to this. Another easy fix that would make the XPS 13 much more attractive would be to give every configuration a touch screen.

The nearly bezel-free look is not as exclusive to the XPS 13 as it was a few years ago, as other PC makers have adopted the same look. But it’s still relatively rare, and the excellent implementation here is likely to cause some serious laptop envy anywhere you pull it out.

Performance and battery life

There aren’t really any surprises with the XPS 13: It’s simply a solid and refined ultraportable. It’s plenty fast, thanks to Intel’s eighth-generation processors. It didn’t have any trouble keeping up with my daily workflow, which involves chargeur asus adp 90yd b/adp 90yd b/ac adapter asus adp 90yd b/asus adp 90yd b/adp 90yd b asus juggling dozens of browser tabs, Slack, Spotify, Evernote and a variety of other apps. Still, I was testing a model with an i7 CPU capable of reaching 4GHz with 8GB of RAM — the entry-level XPS 13s only have 4GB of memory and slower i5 chips.

I didn’t have a chance to hook up an external GPU to the XPS 13, but honestly, I never had much of a need to. I’ve never expected ultraportables like this to be capable gaming rigs. So far, Dell has only included integrated graphics in its 13-inch premium laptops. And while that’s gotten more capable over the years, it’s still never going chargeur asus exa1208eh/exa1208eh/ac adapter asus exa1208eh/chargeur exa1208eh/ac adapter exa1208eh to let you play high-end games. The larger XPS 15 offers dedicated graphics, but you’ll have to give up a bit of portability if you go that route. Of course, lugging around an external GPU box kinda cuts into the portability of the machine as well. But it still offers you a way to game seriously when you’re at home or at a LAN partyThe 4K screen we tested was also impressive: It was bright, sharp and made everything pop. It even fared well in direct sunlight while I was wearing polarized sunglasses (something competitors like the Surface Laptop have trouble with). HDR is a welcome addition. While it’s far more essential in your home theater, it’s still to be able to enjoy Netflix to its fullest on the go.

Thankfully, Dell didn’t change the XPS 13’s input options much. The keyboard is still a joy to type on, thanks to its generous 1.3mm travel distance and overall responsiveness. It’s one of those keyboards where it feels like words just chargeur asus x205ta/chargeur asus eeebook x205ta/asus x205ta chargeur/asus eeebook x205ta chargeur flow out of my fingers. The Precision touchpad is also as smooth and accurate, as we’ve come to expect.In our battery test, it lasted 9 hours and 50 minutes, which is better than the XPS 2-in-1 and the Zenbook 3, but less than what we’ve seen from the Surface Laptop and other premium notebooks. The somewhat average performance can be chalked up to the 4K display, which takes more power to drive. The 1080p versions of the XPS 13 should get a few more hours worth of juice.

Final verdict

It’s official: Dell has undoubtedly done it again. In directly addressing the concerns of users, Dell has refined its XPS 13 laptop further chargeur bose soundlink mini/chargeur bose mini soundlink/chargeur enceinte bose soundlink mini than perhaps ever before. So much so that we’re inclined to give this laptop our Best in Class award all over again.

Moving the webcam position, adding facial login and a four-mic array, giving Intel’s chips more headroom to perform even better and adding a 4K screen have all evolved the XPS into an even more formidable flagship laptop. Sure, we’d like a top-mounted webcam and to pay less to start for this latest model with a Core i3 processor, but what Dell has put on offer here is well worth the increased price.

p>With all of the improvements made to the XPS 13 for this year, the rest of the laptop world now has a lofty benchmark to measure itself chargeur asus r510c/asus r510c chargeur/chargeur asus r510cc/chargeur pc asus r510c/alimentation asus r510c against for 2018, as Dell has once again set the bar high-very high.

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