Dell Precision 5520 review

March 31, 2022

Dell’s Precision workstations have extended been represented the pinnacle of performance and reliability in qualified applications. But up until just recently, the phrase workstation was synonymous with hulking, cumbersome devices which had been constructed purely for overall performance without the need of any regard to fashion or portability and luxury. In stage with all the tendencies of the relaxation of your business enterprise market, that every one started to transform a few years in the past using the M3800, which melded consumer-grade features and case design using the energy of a cell hp spectre x360 netzteil usb c workstation.Then, somewhat more than a 12 months ago, we reviewed Dell’s Precision 5510: a professional-grade version of their currently wildly well-known XPS 15. Just like the XPS, the Precision’s purpose will be to retain sturdy efficiency regardless of its very slender case and eye-catching kind factor. Whilst the XPS appealed to the tech fanatic and gamer group, the Precision (like normally) was intended for qualified and engineering purposes. aa pb9nc6b And hence the greatest variations among the two will be the CPU and GPU selection: XPS customers acquired Intel Main i5/i7 and NVIDIA GeForce possibilities, while Precision customers were offered further alternatives of Xeon CPUs and NVIDIA Quadro GPUs on best in the lower-cost consumer-grade possibilities.Aside from some associated computer software perks, that’s basically all of that separates the XPS in the Precision. And also the latest revision to this clever bridging of your customer and specialist segments?athe Precision 5520?asees very little alter within the method of style or connectivity; most of the upgrades today really are a result of chipset refreshes and enhanced components. Our evaluation device consists of an Intel Core Xeon E3-1505M v6 quad-core CPU, an NVIDIA Quadro M1200 GPU, a UHD touchscreen display panel, a 512 GB PCIe SSD, and 32 GB of RAM. Predictably, the price is high: USD2,867 as configured. Can the Precision 5520 justify its higher cost having an award-winning performance? As typical, surface professional 4 ladekabel our huge variety of exams and scientific measurements will tell the tale.


The gunmetal lid extends for the panel’s bevelled edges, and the inside is coated in carbon fibre. The two-tone design looks superb, and make excellent is good: the wrist-rest and also the base barely flex, and the slender screen exhibits astonishing strength. has constructed this strong technique with out generating it cumbersome. Its 1.78kg weight undercuts each rivals, while its 22mm body tends to make acer aspire 5750g akku it a tad thicker. It really is barely a dealbreaker, though ?§C this equipment can nonetheless be very easily carried.It’s also really worth noting the Precision’s width of 350mm, which makes it a few centimetres narrower than rivals ?§C accomplished by cramming the 15.6in screen inside a 14in chassis.The Precision 5520 has two USB three ports in addition to a Thunderbolt connection together with a battery indicator and card reader, but no DisplayPort. You will discover handy apps to manage battery and energy, along with the Precision Optimizer has profiles for popular perform tools, like CAD and graphic design and style utilities.Less impressively, there isn’t any internal entry along with the battery can’t be eliminated.

Security & Durability

Unlike its customer counterpart, the Precision 5520 passed 14 tests for for MIL-SPEC durability, the standards that the U.S. Military gear must pass for ruggedness. That indicates it can be operated in particularly hot and cold dell latitude e6430 akku environments (as low as minus 20.two degrees Fahrenheit to as high as 140 degrees), survive the shocks of drops and gusts of dusts, among other things. The ZBook Studio G3 plus the ThinkPad P50 both also passed MIL-SPEC testing.Dell offers its security attributes a la carte. Our design came with Intel’s vPro technology (a USD19 upgrade) and you can add TPM encryption for USD7. TPM comes standard around the ZBook Studio G3 and ThinkPad P50, though vPro is available only in certain models. However, both competitors offer akku w530 an optional fingerprint reader for biometric login, whilst the Precision 5520 does not.


The Precision 5520’s 1920 x 1080 panel is bright, vivid and sharp. When I watched a scene from John Wick: Chapter two within the screen, I was impressed by the inky blackness with the night sky against the gleaming yellow taxis as well as the reds of your glowing tail lights. Since the car chase finished, I could see plenty of detail in the dents from the busted car and its shattered windows.According to our colorimeter, the Precision 5520’s Full-HD display renders 113 percent of your sRGB spectrum. That is better than the asus f751l akku mainstream-notebook average (94 percent), but the 4K panels to the ZBook Studio G3 (169 percent) along with the ThinkPad P50 (183 percent) offer extra color.The Precision 5520’s display is rather accurate, getting a 1.5 over the Delta-E test (where lower is better). That score beats those from the ZBook Studio G3 (two.4), the ThinkPad P50 (3.6), too since the average (2.56).This workstation emits up to 335 nits (a measurement of brightness), which is greater than the 241-nit ZBook Studio G3 and also the 276-nit ThinkPad P50, too since the 268-nit category average. That brightness enables solid viewing angles, as I could clearly see the car chase with the John Wick clip from 45 acer aspire 7750g akku degrees to the left and correct.The Precision 5520 also comes that has a 4K display, which Dell says is the same exact panel it uses to the XPS 15. We tested an XPS 15 with this show and were blown away by its ability to produce 188 percent from the sRGB color gamut and accurate 1.four Delta-E score. It produced a somewhat-dimmer 282 nits of brightness.


Much like XPS machines in latest years, not significantly has changed within the basic style from the Precision 5520 since its predecessor. We should emphasize that this is not a bad thing, however, as the most current XPS/Precision 5000 series designs are actually widely praised?afor not only their portability, but also their construction excellent. In terms from the former, the Precision 5520 preserves the ultra-thin bezels in the 5510 (referred to by Dell because the InfinityEdge show) to effectively fit a 15.6-inch display into the physique pa3817u 1brs of the normal 14-inch device. By the same token, the bodyweight is very a bit decrease than any of your competing models in today’s comparison field: at 2.078 kg, it is more than 500 grams lighter than even the ThinkPad P50 Workstation.Stability is also superb thanks for the angled aluminum case style; pressure over the base unit produces barely any flex, and even the show lid (also aluminum) resists torsion better than expected. It is not the most sturdy construct around, but taking into account the size of your machine, it really is impressive (Dell points out that the device has undergone MIL-SPEC testing). Large, horizontal rubber feet (now familiar to any XPS customers) line the bottom of thelenovo akku 70 machine and ensure a firm grip within the surface area below.Fingerprints are nevertheless a little of an challenge about the carbon fiber-lined palm rests and keyboard floor, but the visible pattern works well to obscure them. The hinges do a fine job of supporting the display, yielding quite little within the method of vibrations in the face of motion or heavy typing. Like a result, it isn’t possible to open the machine with one particular hand, however.All round, the Precision 5520 arguably remains the most desirable workstation around the industry, and absolutely 1 with the most portable.


Throughout our exams, the Dell Precision 5520 remained cool and was nearly silent, even whilst running our most demanding benchmarks. About the SPECviewperf test, it outperformed other 15.6-in. mobile workstations from HP and Lenovo that surface three ladekabel had been equipped with comparable GPUs, but lagged those from Eurocom and MSI, which included higher-end graphics. The same was true when running the SPECapc SolidWorks benchmark.Dell preloads Windows 10 Specialist 64-bit. Despite the fact that Dell offers Windows 7, that may be not an option for systems based on the latest Intel Xeon CPUs. The Precision 5520 involves only a one-year warranty unless you buy an extended warranty at time of purchase, in which situation Dell offers myriad selections including next-business-day onsite service for up to five many years, likewise as accidental damage coverage, data recovery and far more.Like other Dell workstations, the Precision 5520 is ISV certified and comes with Dell’s Precision Optimizer software to enable users to tune system functionality for specific purposes. As configured, the technique we reviewed cost USD2,759 when we priced it in late November. You could very easily decrease that price tag by opting for a lesser CPU and FHD non-touch show. Either way, the Dell Precision 5520 is a worthy successor to the M3800 and remains an great option for any engineer within the go.


The Precision 5520 is not a terribly light equipment, coming in at 3.93 pounds, but it is not as heavy as some other cell workstations. It also has that nice chassis that feels far more like a 14-inch device. And so, stuffing it into a backpack as10d31 to carry to some worksite shouldn’t be too considerably of the burden.In addition, our assessment machine packs in Dell’s 97 watt-hour battery, which is close to the maximum 100 watt-hours that can be carried onto an airliner. That is a fantastic thing, because that Xeon processor is going to take a toll on battery.On our grueling Peacekeeper test, which runs a device through a series of graphical and computing tasks, the Precision 5520 managed a strong five hours and 21 minutes. That beats all our test machines save Microsoft’s Floor Book with Functionality Foundation, which has its relatively significant 80 watt-hours of battery tucked into a smaller machine. The Precision 5520 demolished its ThinkPad P50 competitor, which managed just more than three hours in this test.


Except to the normal Windows 10 games and first-party Microsoft apps, Dell hasn’t loaded down the Precision 5520 using a bunch of fluff. Dell incorporates its Dell Command software program for enhanced energy management, its SupportAssist app to help lenovo t430 akku/t430 akku/Akku Lenovo ThinkPad T430 you maintain your system up to day, and also the Precision Optimizer app that can tune the system for applications like AutoCad and 3dsmax.

Security and Software

The Precision 5520 is offered with optional safety options (some for a small premium), such as integrated TPM, vPro management technology, and the common suite of (free) administrative application, readily available in the Dell Support website. Dell’s Precision workstations also include the Dell Precision Optimizer software program package, which rebalances technique resources to optimize Dell Inspiron fifteen 7577 Charger configurations for that use of specific apps (such as AutoCAD, video editing application, and so on). Numerous other optional utilities also exist for download from the Dell Support site, including Dell Update (for driver/BIOS updates) and Dell Command Power Manager (which provides more granular control over energy profiles and charging conditions).

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