Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III Review

June 22, 2022

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speakers are amongst by far the most popular-if not,the?most popular-portable wireless speakers with regards to sales.Samsung C34F791 Monitor NetzteilLast year,the enterprise launched the impressive$200?SoundLink Mini,a micro model,and now in early 2014,it really is revamped its bigger portable Bluetooth speaker,releasing the Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III ($299.95).

The III is equivalent in size towards the prior two generations with the speaker but changes its designAcer KP.0450H.007 Netzteil,and improves its battery life,and as outlined by Bose in addition, it plays louder and sounds better.

The SoundLink III is slightly wider than the earlier versions,measuring about 5 inches high,Dell Latitude e5570 e5470 P62G Netzteil10 inches wide,and two inches deep,and weighing in at 3 pounds.The original?SoundLink Mobile Speaker,which came out in 2011,and the?SoundLink Mobile Speaker II both presented around eight hours of battery life.MSI GT72VR 7RE Dominator Pro NetzteilThe new model ups that number to 14 hours.

Earlier models had a built-in cover that converted into a stand.Asus R752L R752LK NetzteilHowever,the SoundLink III does away with the integrated cover and as using the?SoundLink Mini,it is possible to obtain an optional accessory cover for$34.95 in different colors.In other words,in case you want some added protection,it’ll cost you.

Build and Design

We’ve admired the Bose’s hefty and sturdy develop high quality before,as well as the SoundLink III exudes a premium feel befitting its $260 cost tagDell LA130PM190 Netzteil.The aluminium chassis is impeccable,from its steel-grey finish and backlit icons for the soft-touch silicone-rubber manage buttons.

The speaker is fairly heavy,but it’s compact sufficient to carry within a backpack and the battery lasts for a decent 14 hours.Acer Aspire 7750G-32314G50Mnkk NetzteilThe manage buttons are responsive,however they do want a firm push to operate.Otherwise the speaker is easy to utilize and pairing with Bluetooth devices requires only a few seconds.

A modest battery-icon around the front panel indicates just how much charge remains.akku asus f750lThe Bose speaker keeps connectivity straightforward,with Bluetooth for wireless streaming from wise devices in addition to a 3.5mm input for hard-wiring other music sources.

Unlike rivals,for instance the B&W T7 or Loewe Speaker 2go,Bose doesn’t offer aptX. The lack of transparency means this probably isn’t a big loss;lenovo g510 netzteilwe would have liked a USB charging-port here,though.


As noted,Bose says the new speaker sounds much better than its predecessors.The speaker is equipped with four neodymium transducers and dual-opposing passive radiators which,dell xps 13 9343 akkuaccording to Bose,”combine with a new digital signal processing algorithm and improved electronics to play louder than its predecessor,while maintaining balanced and natural sound at higher listening levels.” Got that?

With all its SoundLink wireless speaker products product,lenovo ac adapter adlx65ccge2aBose talks about the engineering challenges of getting good sound out of a very compact speaker,plus a Bluetooth one at that,lenovo t440p netzteilas Bluetooth compression diminishes sound high quality.

With preceding versions,you could debate whether the Bose sounded greater than competing $300 transportable Bluetooth speakers from the likes of Jawbone (the?Big Jambox),Sony,and inspiron 15r batteryHowever,what was clear- and remains clear with this model-is that for their compact size these Bose speakers perform very well,playing a lot louder and capable of producing more bass than they appear.

The goal using the SoundLink III was to get the speaker to play even louder (without distorting) and also sound a little far better in the process.bty m6fAs always,getting there requires the finessing of both the hardware as well as the software that processes the sound and shapes it inside a way that makes your ears think it sounds good (there’s a bit of trickery involved,especially with a speaker that has little-to-no stereo separation).

Mission accomplished with the III;though all these smaller speakers have their limitations and the SoundLink III is no exception.battery dell latitude e5270The bass is slightly fuller and also the overall sound slightly more detailed.Along with the speaker performs very well with a lot of material but not everything.

Where it does best is with well-recorded,a41n1308simpler tracks.The midrange is pretty forward so vocals stand out and acoustical tracks sound clean and dynamic (Sting’s the Final Ship and the Rolling Stone’ Hot Rocks came across well,for example).It sounded good with jazz and some rock material and it handled Nirvana’s “All Apologies” as well as some bigger Bluetooth speakers.ar08But with complicated material (a lot of instruments playing at the same time),you’ll lose some definition (it did OK with Arcade Fire’s Reflektor album but it sounds a lot far better through a good pair of$300 headphones).

As far because the volume goeslenovo t410 charger,it really does play loud-it can fill a small-to medium-sized room,though it is a bit directional (stand off for the side along with the sound quality diminishes).

It plays louder than its predecessors and doesn’t distort at higher volumes,dell inspiron 15 3531 charger though to steer clear of distortion it rolls off the bass and sounds like it’s restraining itself to keep from going off a cliff.surface charger 1706 Pop tracks like Ellie Goulding’s “Burn” sounded pretty punchy and relatively clean.But it was hit or miss with techno tracks.The bass can sometimes seem a little subdued at higher volumes,so just don’t expect real thumping bass with a lot of oomph to acdp 120e03Then again, as I’ve said before,it really is just not fair to expect subwoofer-level performance from a speaker the size of a hardcover book.

The reality is the SoundLink III is designed to play at more modest volume levels (it sounds best when it isn’t pushed)and I think it offers a more detail and bass at lower volumes than its predecessors.In other words,it seems to sound a little richer at lower volumes,which is a good thing because that’s how a lot of folks end up using this speaker- as a background music generator.

If you’re looking for any better value for excellent casual listening,there’s plenty of other stuff out there in the $150 range that does a good job(the TDK Life on Record, for example).In the $200 to $300 range,lenovo adapter adp 90xd bI also like the?Sony SRS-BTX500 and?Logitech UE Boombox,as well because the aforementioned Big Jambox.

But you’ll be hard-pressed to find a Bluetooth speaker that’s as compact as the SoundLink III and sounds as good (yes,it produces bigger and greater sound than the SoundLink Mini,which performs remarkably well for its size).


Bose really needs to rein in that booming bass to give the other sonic elements a chance.

Some rival speakers have a a lot better handle on their frequencies,delivering punchy highs and lows in equal measure.In comparison,the Bose sounds muddled.The SoundLink III is a solid design,but it fails to impress when there are more capable and insightful speakers available for the same price.

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