Asus ZenBook Duo 14 (2021) Preview

February 4, 2021

Two-screen laptops are quickly becoming a minor trend, with several manufacturers jumping in on the concept. Asus has invested the most in the idea, delivering several models of dual-screen laptops under the ”Duo” name. The latest, hot out of all-virtual CES 2021, is an update to the ZenBook Duo 14 (starts at $999.99), the smallest entry in the lineup. We were able to get batterij bose soundlink mini 2 our hands on a unit prior to the show to bring you our impressions, and while there are still some compromises involved in getting two screens into a compact chassis, it’s an impressive feat nonetheless. This system is even trimmer than the original (closer to an ultraportable, though still not entirely there, at 3.53 pounds), and it packs new components and features. Read on for our impressions.

Dual-screen laptops are quickly becoming a minor trend, with several manufacturers embracing the concept . Asus has invested the most in this idea by offering several models of dual screen laptops under the name “Duo”. The latest, hot on the all-virtual CES 2021, is an update to the dell battery 42wh type wdxor ZenBook Duo 14 (from $ 999.99), the smallest entry in the line. We were able to get our hands on a unit ahead of the show to bring you our impressions, and while there are still trade-offs to fit two displays into a compact chassis, it is nonetheless an impressive feat. This system is even thinner than the original (closer to a ultraportable , but still not fully there (at 3.53 pounds), and it contains some new components and features. Read on for our thoughts.

The ZenBook Duo 14 simply takes the concept and shrinks it down. Both of the other Duo laptops use 15.6-inch main screens, but as the name implies, this version bears a smaller 14-inch screen. The lenovo legion y520 15ikbn oplader second display, named the ScreenPad Plus, is also smaller at 12.6 inches. The main screen is full HD (1,920 by 1,080 pixels), while the ScreenPad Plus has an unusual 1,920-by-515 pixel resolution due to its unique oblong shape.

ASUS has also optimized its dual-screen software quite a bit: There’s a new App Explorer shortcut that shows you everything running on your system, and allows you to quickly swap programs between screens. You can turn on gestures that let you flick apps across the hp 828769 001 usb c 65w adapter screens as well, though I found those to be a bit more frustrating than using the shortcuts that pop up as you’re dragging windows. Those let you quickly push an app to the other display, or maximize them across both screens.

Thanks to the more compact ScreenPad Plus hinge, ASUS says the Duo is 50 grams lighter than last year’s model, clocking in at 3.53 pounds. That change also led to it being 3mm thinner at 16.9mm. It’s obviously more hefty than 0b200 01400200 standard ultraportables like the XPS 13, which measures 14.7mm thick and weighs 2.8 pounds, but the Duo still feels a bit more compact than last year. And given the potential for productivity with a second screen, I could easily live with something that’s a bit heftier. This also opens up the airflow for the fan located under the screen, which helps the notebook keep cool. If you start to spot trends here, these fans have more blades than original laptop fans, which can improve heat dissipation. The laptop itself uses a similar design. When you open the main display, it is lifted by its so-called ”ErgoLift” hinge, which improves airflow and provides you with l12m4e01 2800mah a more comfortable typing angle.If you are not generally familiar with the dual-screen concept, the bottom screen is like a small display, just like an additional display. You can pull down any application or window from the main display to ScreenPad Plus for reference or a quick click, depending on what you have there.

The ZenBook Duo is available in two versions, a Pro Duo 15 OLED and the Duo 14 reviewed here. The Pro Duo 15 OLED will have up to a 10th-gen Intel Core i9 processor, with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 discrete graphics and asus adapter adp 33aw c up to 32GB of memory when it arrives in April. The Duo 14 has either 11th-gen Core i5 or i7 processors, optional Nvidia MX450 discrete graphics and up to 32GB of memory. Prices start at $1,000, but the configuration I tested is $1,300. That converts to about AU$1,695 and ¡ê950.

Windows recognizes the ScreenPad Plus as a second display, so you can use it for whatever you would use a second screen for. It’s great for anything you’d typically lose sight of while you’re working on something full screen on the main display. For instance, I put Slack, Outlook and Spotify on the ScreenPad Plus while I worked on the lenovo v310 15ikb originele adapter main display. Asus’ ScreenXpert 2.0 software can automatically resize up to three windows on the ScreenPad to fit evenly across it. You can also flick windows between screens with your fingertip, which is kind of fun. There’s also a dedicated button above the touchpad to move windows up and down.

Asus also has a bunch of utilities for the ScreenPad Plus available through an onscreen touch bar. You can, for example, launch a number pad or, with a three-finger tap, turn it into a giant touchpad. You can also write on it with dell inspiron 15 7000 battery the included active pen if you need to jot down a quick note, sign a document or just want to doodle. I was a bit worried about putting too much pressure on the ScreenPad with my hand while writing but the metal hinges held firm and you can easily disable both the touchpad and keyboard while you use it.

Asus ‘s dual screen design, whether in the form of the ZenBook Pro Duo , the ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 , or here in the ZenBook 14 inch Duo, is unmistakably a head turner. Other manufacturers have tried two display models, but Asus’s move is a holistic approach that, to say the least, is very visually appealing.The ZenBook Duo 14 simply takes the concept and dell 4gvgh 84wh narrows it down. The other two Duo laptops use primary screens.cipals of 15.6 inches, but as the name suggests, this version features a smaller 14-inch screen. The second screen, named ScreenPad Plus, is also smaller at 12.6 inches. The main display is Full HD (1920 by 1080 pixels), while the Sc reenPad Plus has an unusual resolution of 1920 x 515 pixels due to its unique oblong shape.

The trade-off for the extra display, though, is the keyboard and touchpad. First, the touchpad is small and narrow and te03xl I frequently hit the right arrow key instead of the touchpad’s left button. And there’s the matter of it being to the left of the keyboard. If you’re moving to the Duo 14 from a typical laptop layout with the keyboard at the top and the touchpad at the bottom, muscle memory will not be your friend. Desktop users or anyone using a mouse regularly will have an easier time of it. The keyboard feels a bit cramped to me, but it might just be that it feels like I’m being shoved to the left by the touchpad. It does have a couple of keys that are reduced, like the lenovo yoga 3 pro 1370 charger Enter and Backspace. Also, since it is at the bottom, there is no keyboard deck and, hence, no palm rests. The raised back end of the keyboard helps here, though, as my wrists more comfortably rested on my desk while typing.

Beyond the revamped ScreenPad Plus, the ZenBook Duo looks almost the same as last year, with ASUS’s standard magnesium alloy frame and sharp lines. There’s also a better selection of ports, including oplader chromebook 11 3189 two Thunderbolt 4 USB-C ports (the last model had USB-C but no Thunderbolt); one USB 3.1 Type-A; a full-sized HDMI connection; a microSD card reader and the usual headphone jack.

The most notable upgrades are inside the ZenBook Duo: It now includes Intel’s 11th-generation Tiger Lake processors; more powerful Intel Xe integrated graphics; an optional NVIDIA MX450 GPU; and tpn ca03 up to 32GB of RAM. The Duo is also Intel Evo certified, which is marketing speak for a powerful ultraportable with long battery life.

Despite seeming like a quick branding opportunity, the Zenbook Duo lived up to that Evo badge in my testing. Our review unit featured an Intel Core i7-1165G7 CPU with only 8GB of RAM, but it still felt snappy as I juggled multiple apps at once. To be honest, I’d really only recommend the Duo with acer adp 45he d 16GB of RAM to really maximize your multitasking potential. But I was still able to run dozens of browser tabs, Evernote, Slack, Spotify and YouTube across both screens without any trouble.

The screen isn’t tall, so this isn’t ideal for all use cases, but it’s useful to keep your files and folders accessible, have Spotify open at all times, and other similar scenarios. In addition to keeping my music open there, I enjoy using it as a place to put my references I’d use while working-any documentation for the 5a10h03911 review I’m writing, like specifications info or a spreadsheet, is easier to see at a glance rather than tabbing in and out of other windows. This makes for a much more desktop-like setup, even if the ScreenPad Plus is much smaller than a second monitor would be.

The ZenBook Duo’s main 1080p 14-inch screen looks great as well, with plenty of brightness and vibrancy to make videos and photos pop. You can definitely tell that it’s of a higher quality than the ScreenPad Plus – it supports 100 percent of the SRGB gamut – but the fact that both can reach 400 nits of brightness makes it oplader surface pro 6 easier to pretend as if they’re one single display. I just wish ASUS included a way to change the brightness of both screens simultaneously. As it stands you can use the function keys for the main display and the ScreenPad Plus’s touchscreen settings to deal with brightness individually.

One major downside to the ZenBook Duo is that, once again, ASUS had to shove the keyboard and trackpad below the ScreenPad Plus. The keyboard is a bit cramped and uncomfortable to use without a built-in wrist rest, though I got used to it after a few hours. The keys themselves offer a decent amount of travel and feedback. The tpn w129 trackpad, though, is a major issue if you’ve been spoiled by the enormous touchpads on most ultraportables. It’s vertical and shoved to the right, with little room for multitouch gestures. Again, I could live with it, but it wasn’t exactly pleasant to use.

Some Shrinking Pains

The size is not all upside in my experience, however. Even on the larger Duo laptops, the keyboard is forced down alongside the touchpad, since its usual spot is taken up by the display. This leaves very little room for the touchpad, which Asus solved by making it a skinny, taller pad. This feels a little cramped, and dell xps 15 9550 batterij that is only exacerbated on this 14-inch system. The touchpad doesn’t give you much room to pan, and it has you lifting your fingers often or butting up against the edge of the pad. It’s still functional, but as a core component of the laptop, it’s not ideal.

For the full review, we’ll want to spend more time with the ZenBook Duo 14, its uncommon design, and how the second screen complements your work day-to-day (or not). Most laptops function largely the asus adapter ad890026 same, but the dual-screen design is one of those things you don’t find out more about until you live with it for a longer period. The 14-inch build represents some challenges, but they are, potentially, outweighed by the opportunities of two screens in such a portable form factor.

What is clear without spending more time is that the build feels high quality, comes off as highly advanced, and has the features I’d want from this type of laptop. The jury is out on performance (though it should be solid based on the components) and hp x360 310 g2 accu battery life for now, but we’ll have those for you in the full review. What’s here is very promising, so check back soon.

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