Asus N61J Review

February 27, 2019

Asus’ N61 range includes multimedia devices featuring potent components along with the latest options, such as Asus’ own SonicMaster technology standards. This can be also among the very first laptops we’ve observed to feature USB three.0, the subsequent era of USB technology. The N61J is usually a highly effective device to the multimedia user, but you will discover a number of Dell XPS 15 9570 USB-C Charger challenges here also. Certainly one of the laptop’s essential selling factors is the aforementioned SonicMaster standards. We located that while the stereo impact was impressive, sound was not as great throughout the complete audio spectrum, and tracks commonly lacked bass and depth. Even though much better than most laptops, we nonetheless would not use this device being a replacement for desktop speakers.


The N61JV’s situation is simply as appropriate for the workplace as for teenager’s bedrooms or student digs because of its matt texture (operate area). Workplace typists obtain a pleasantly rubberized wrist-rest. It’s not truly rubber, but rather only a slim coating. This makes the surfaces matt and generates a great grip. Should you now think under no circumstances again fingerprints, you are going to be let down. Greasy fingers depart darkish places that can not simply be polished absent.The black-brown 800049-001 HP Battery shiny lid collects fingerprints anytime it could. The same applies for that show bezel. When you worth cleanliness, you’ll soon curse the display bezel and the reflective surfaces, at the same time. Both collect just about every sort of grime and present it off. The plastic cage that separates the keys from each other is usually a equivalent dust catcher. These essential gaps also put on dust properly visibly.The case is adequately steady. We can only twist it marginally with each arms. The wrist-rest Sony KDL-50W829B KDL50W829B Charger sits limited. Just just like the essential field. The key’s area only yield slightly inside the heart. We can bend the lid of course with both palms. Its area can be a little bit unstable. But that is standard in view on the sixteen inch dimension. Overall, the stability is adequate, but not over typical.The hinges match limited in place. They may be just pulled limited enough that we only need a single hand to open up the lid. The utmost opening angle is far more than adequate to get a use on the lap (circa one hundred thirty levels).The base plate is created of uncomplicated plastic and may only be frustrated slightly more than the louvers. Lg M2380DN M2380DN-PZ Charger Both addresses permit for exchanging the difficult disk, RAM or WLAN module. This also applies for your Main i5 processor. It can be inserted and can be accessed just after getting rid of the heatpipe.


Asus utilizes detached keys. These possess a pretty substantial gap and bid the typist a sizable stroke size plus a pretty company stroke. The pressure level is regrettably not incredibly clear, that is why we’re faced using a relatively unsatisfactory typing feel. The keys fit restricted and only produce somewhat over the optical generate (quantity block). We’ve reason for criticism despite Microsoft Surface area Pro 3 Charger the significant important gaps. The quantity pad keys and the arrow keys are unnecessarily tiny and incredibly wedged. Therefore, a finger could unintentionally hit the quantity one or the change key. Putting the arrow keys toward the wrist-rest would’ve separated them greater from the other keys. Asus wants a cleanse perform area and only integrates 4 components keys for that Sony KDL-48W705C Charger operating method (Asus Power4Gear modes), volume/mute as well as a play/stop crucial.


The multi-touch pad doesn’t possess a vertical or horizontal scroll bar. They can not be enabled inside the Elan Smart-Pad software, both. On the other hand, scrolling and zooming with two fingers is attainable because of gesture recognition. Users can scroll vertically and horizontally Sony VAIO SVF15N1C5E SVF15N1A1J Charger with two fingers. The keys clatter and therefore are too loud, which tends to make a cheap perception.


The sixteen inch display (form HSD160PHW1) has a resolution of 1366×768 pixels (Hd prepared). The glare type display can strengthen the reduced contrasts optically. We set up a minimal distinction of 234:one. That may be a black value of 0.eighty two cd/m2. Higher contrasts show fantastic colours and deep black. five hundred:1 would happen to be attractive for a advanced multimedia laptop computer.The LED backlight brightness measurement reveals disappointing outcomes. The luminosity is 187 cd/m2 on average. The illumination is homogeneous, while the TFT has 210 cd/m2 on lenovo ideapad 320 charger its brightest place and 173 cd/m2 in the dimmest. The user requirements a luminosity of at most a hundred and fifty cd/m2 indoors. The also readily available luminosity is very important for outdoor use.If you would like to go out in to the sunlight with all the N61JV, you’ll not have a lot exciting together with the 16 incher. The TFT display lacks a vacuum-metalized foil or a roughening that decreases reflections (AR-coat). The reduced luminosity of 187 cd/m2 cannot avoid reflections both. The backlight is too weak to defy intense sunlight. The glare kind display’s reflections also hinder the see. chargeur area 3 Hence, the N61JV is eradicated as being a cellular companion around the terrace.The vertical viewing angles are very slender, whilst the horizontal angles need to be alternatively generous. Our eyes can deviate as much as forty five degrees before the display dims along with the colors start out to falsify. This impact already begins slowly at a 10 diploma deviation in the entrance around the vertical airplane. The picture dims and colors invert. The slender vertical viewing angles are extremely noticeable on the darkroom picture.

Missing a trick

Considering the laptop’s multimedia aspirations, it’s a surprise there isn’t a Full Hd screen integrated. Instead, a 1366 x 768-pixel resolution is used and, although it batterie dell inspiron n5110 is bright and vivid in colour copy, we consider Asus has skipped a trick here. Additionally, it suggests that, even though you may view Blu-ray discs on the laptop’s optical travel, they will not run as meant in Complete High definition.

The 640GB tough generate will supply lots of storage for all of your information, batterie asus x93s folders and any other media libraries you will wish to carry around-allowing you to observe and edit your photos and movies on the go.

Due for the resource-hungry components onboard, battery life is quite woeful. We expect a hundred and eighty minutes minimum from a modern day laptop computer plus the Asus falls a way Asus A41-X550E short of that, meaning you will ought to have the charger about along with you.

The Asus G61J proves to be a bit of the combined bag. The energy on provide is outstanding, and we have been also amazed through the inclusion of USB 3.0. Nonetheless, the shortage of a Complete High definition screen is really a shame, as may be the underwhelming battery lifestyle and SonicMaster technologies.


Asus equips the N61JV in its JX007 edition with the Intel Core i5-430M. The 32nm CPU is built-in by several companies as a mainstream processor. batterie floor professional 3 It has two bodily cores with two.26 GHz each. It may variety from two.26 and two.fifty three GHz through turbo enhance. Even so, the utmost two.fifty three GHz can only be reached under load of a single core.

A novelty in the Core i5 processor would be the implementation with the memory controller and the graphic card inside the processor bundle. The Hd graphics within the N61JV interacts with Nvidia’s Optimus. This technologies enables an uninterrupted switching in between dell latitude e6430 akku the Intel Hd (in the chip established or relatively CPU) and also a devoted Nvidia GPU. It’s a Nvidia GeForce GT 325M within this case.

Since the GMA HD’s frame buffer is employed continuously for the picture output, a ready time or black screen when switching is omitted. The GT 325M writes the image data straight into the GMA HD’s frame buffer and therefore doesn’t need to be wired for the image output. The earlier common hardware button to the hybrid graphics is unnecessary. akku w530 The benefit of Optimus: lengthier battery runtimes in undemanding use.

How does the N61JV score when just the onboard graphics is enabled? We modify the Nvidia configurations and executed PCMark Vantage as soon as once again (both occasions in Asus’ higher functionality profile). The total score of 4239 points can be a whole lot lower. The result is on par with a asus f751l akku Main two Duo P9500 technique (e.g. MSI Megabook GX620). This obvious distinction is stunning due to the fact we assumed a comparatively compact GPU dependency in a system benchmark. The processor’s computing velocity is on the exact same level as other 430M notebook. Wprime, SuperPI and Sisoft Dhry/Whet confirm this.

Hardly to be explained is definitely the substantial difference inside the HDD rating, even though. What effect does the devoted GPU, or instead Optimus, have around the tough disk? In almost any event, a good affect of the active GT 325M on the challenging disk is usually reproduced. The HDD score improves by about 600 points as quickly because the committed graphics are compelled to stay enabled (e.g. by a match).

The gaming rating (2848 for Intel Hd) is standard for any system with no a graphic card (examine mySN MB6, Intel Hd). The gaming rating raises as soon as the acer aspire 7750g akku Geforce GT 325M is once again enabled (4650). Apps that benefit from the GT 325M’s components support (CUDA, DirectX Compute, OpenCL, H.264) now perform faster. We are able to deduct this in the larger sub-scores.

Battery Life

Asus’ N61JV’s battery existence must be beefed up decisively by Nvidia’s Optimus. That labored rather well together with the last check notebook that had Nvidia’s Optimus; the U30JC lasted 7 hours in the WLAN check. A appear at the runtime test benefits will allow you to frown though. Not even 3 hours within the WLAN check? Two hours for any DVD movie? Optimus is not required for pa3817u 1brs such quick runtimes. The GMA High definition integrated into the processor was normally enabled to the runtime measurements. That was verified by a compact Nvidia device all the time. In case you are particularly frugal, you may attain practically 5 hours (289 minutes) with greatest energy savings. On the other hand, this is unrealistic in real daily life since the brightness is reduced, the wi-fi module disabled and also the processor remained in idle.

The purpose for this disappointing battery existence may be the weak 6 mobile battery using a capacity of 4400 mAh. These 48 watt hrs are only about fifty percent as robust because the eighty four watt hrs in the runtime sturdy Optimus notebook, Asus U30JC.


Asus assembles a 16 incher appropriate for everyday with its N61JV. The notebook is only suitable for existing games to an extent, but scores with ergonomics, efficiency and connectivity. The wrist-rest generally stays cool and lover whirs carefully together. We could not lenovo akku 70 uncover the SonicMaster seem praised by Asus. The seem is very good, the loudspeakers do not seem much greater than in many other multimedia notebooks with out a subwoofer, even though.

The battery daily life of only three hrs of browsing is disappointing. The power use is commendably low (idle 10 watts) as a consequence of Optimus as well as the most recent Intel Main i5 processor, but Asus economizes in battery capability: 4400 mAh are as well small for a 16 incher. surface three ladekabel In addition, there’s the glare display using a relatively low brightness. Working inside the sunlight with it is not any entertaining (reflections).

If you do not want a gaming notebook as well as would like to would you office operate indoors, the N61JV could be appropriate for you. The matt wrist-rest and possible keyboard help it become possible. The 16 incher does not entice attention with noise or heat.

If you’re looking to get a gaming notebook, you will not automatically have to have a gadget with Nvidia’s Optimus. The Geforce GT 325M isn’t the perfect applicant both, as proven by our gaming tests. If you would like to play, you must at the very least call an ATI High definition 5650 or Nvidia GT 330M your individual.

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