Alienware X17 R2 Review

March 17, 2022

When you are plunking down extra than $4,000 on a portable gaming rig,two of the prime priorities are probably to become cutting edge prime finish elements and stunning aesthetics.The former will be sure your frame prices remain butter-smooth for years to come,whilst the latter will make you wish to use your machine additional typically,irrespective of whether you’re streaming at house or out and about within the world.

On each of those counts,Alienware’s updated x17 R2 excels.Externally,it is the same sleek, 0.84-inch thick extraterrestrial beast that we looked at final fall.The design’s nevertheless a stunner,bose soundlink mini 2 batteryand the optional mechanical Cherry MX keyboard feels as satisfying to sort on as a number of the most effective gaming keyboards we’ve employed. The only actual downside on the design and style,as far as I am concerned,is that all of the ports are in the back.But hey,some individuals like that.

On the inside,although,is where the x17 R2 gets fascinating.The organization has updated its configuration solutions,adding both Intel’s new top-of-the-line,at the same time as Nvidia’s new flagship mobile.The organization sent our evaluation unit with those components,plus 64GB of DDR5 RAM as well as a pair of 2TB Samsung 980 Pro PCIe 4.0 SSDs in RAID,dell latitude e6520 netzteildelivering possibly the fastest boot drive we’ve seen to date among thebest gaming laptops.Note that Dell does not assure you are going to get these drives;the enterprise says it makes use of a number of drive companies,but that any purchaser who chooses a 512GB or higher SSD will get a PCIe four.0 drive or drives.


Of course, all that cutting-edge high-end hardware adds up.Alienware says our configuration will sell for $4,799. It is possible to save some revenue by opting for half the RAM (32GB is plenty for gaming) and nixing the mechanical keyboard choice. medion akoya e6412t akkuThat drops the price down to $4,499. And for those who can live using a single 1TB SSD, the value drops to $3,849. Personally, though we aren’t confident we’dpay further for all that RAM and storage, the $50 upgrade for the mechanical keyboard is worth it. The Cherry MX switches on our assessment unit really feel fantastic, while there’s a fair amount of metallic ping noise on a few of the keys.

With brand-new top-end components and also a stunningly designed and constructed chassis, could be the Alienware x17 the best gaming laptop you’ll be able to get?hstnn lb6v 2850 mah That depends in aspect on how you use your rig and how much you worth style and battery life more than the highest frame rates attainable.


The shell of the Alienware x17 R2 will be the exact same as the R1 model we looked at last fall.But that’s far from a bad factor given that it’s nevertheless arguably the sleekest,most premium-feeling gaming transportable available on the market.At 0.84 inches thick and wrapped in magnesium and aluminum,the laptop feels as great because it looks. And within the “lunar light” (white) finish of our critique unit,the laptop looks both futuristic and understated (for a gaming laptop).There is RGB lighting on the keyboard,the alien head logo on the lid, toshiba satellite l50 b akkuand an oval that runs around the vents along with the ports at the back adds a tasteful quantity of customizable glow.

All that stated, when the Alienware x17 R2 is slim to get a high-end gaming laptop, it is not specifically tiny or light. At 15.72 x 11.79 x 0.84 inches (399 x 300 x 21.four mm),it is a bit bigger than MSI’s similarly powerfulGE76 Raider(15.63 x 11.18 x 1.01 inches) and Asus Strix Scar G733(15.55 x 11.11 x1.08 inches).And at six.82 pounds fully kitted out,dell inspiron 17r akku the Alienware is also the heaviest of your competitors,because the MSI is 6.39 pounds plus the Asus just is 5.95 pounds.Also note that despite its further heft,the Alienware has an 87 WHr battery,while the Asus includes a 90 WHr,and also the MSI includes a 99 WHr battery.

Nearly all of the Alienware x17 R2’s ports are found in the rear,save for the headphone jack around the proper side,close to the back, and also the barrel connector for the charger on the left edge.

Surrounded by the RGB light ring and flanked by vents around the back edge, you are going to locate a Thunderbolt four port,two USB 3.two Gen 1 Type-A ports,gigabit Ethernet,USB three.two Gen two Type-C (which also works for charginglenovo l12l4e01,though you are going to really need to make use of the brick for the quickest charging),a microSD card reader, HDMI plus a mini DisplayPort.

The connectivity right here is ample, although plenty of people today would find it a lot more easy to have a few of these ports on the sides as well because the rear on the laptop.bose soundlink ersatzakku Ifthat’simportant to you, most competing big-screen portables (like the MSI and Asus models described above) feature a lot more conventional port layouts.

Productivity Performance

To get a sense of how Alienware’s newest 17-incher performs in comparison to other laptops, we put it up against MSI’s GE76 Raider, which shares the identical Core i9-12900HK CPU and RTX 3080 Ti as our Alienware assessment surface 3 akku And to get a sense of how it stacks up against preceding systems, we also tossed functionality numbers from the Alienware x17 R1we tested in 2021(Core i7-11800H, RTX 3080) and the Asus ROG Strix Scar 17 G733 (AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX, RTX 3080).

On Geekbench five, a synthetic test that aims to track general performance, the 12900HK-packing Alienware x17 delivered a single-core score of 1,842 as well as a multi-core outcome of 13,710.that’s slightly ahead of your MSI’s showing of 1,833 (single) and 13,456 (multi),but substantially further ahead on the previous-gen x17,with its single-core score of 1,539 and all-core displaying of just 9,024.that’s a whopping 52% increase from final year’s model,even though we also jumped from an 11th Gen i7 to a 12th Gen inspiron 5559 akku The Ryzen-based Asus G733 had the worst showing here, managing just 1,487 (single-core) and 8,231 (multi-core).

The pair of Samsung 980 Pro PCIe four.0 SSDs within the new Alienware trounced the competitors in our 25GB file transfer test, taking just 11.8 seconds to move the mixed collection of files,for a speed of two,268 MBps.netzteil hp elite x2The 1,774.47 MBps displaying on the MSI machine was the subsequent closest. And final year’s x17 was over 1 GBps slower,delivering a speed of 1,227.

On our Handbrake test,in which computer systems transcode a 4K video to 1080p,the Alienware once again impressed.As we’d count on,its 4 minutes,45 second displaying was basically even with the MSI (four:44), which has the exact same CPU and GPU.However the next-closest competitor was final year’s x17,which was extra than a minute slower (five:51).


The Alienware’s 1080p show delivered 107% with the sRGB color gamut and 76% of DCI-P3. That puts it just slightly ahead of your MSI and Asus displays when it comes to inspiron 17 5000 series akku But with an typical brightness of 325 nits,the new Alienware is a fair bit brighter.

While the panel’s colors weren’t as vivid as on the OLED Tv I use as my principal gaming monitor, when I played Borderlands three,the stylized dystopian scenery and characters looked far from dull. And thanks to the high refresh and potent components,ladeger?t surface pro 3every title I played normally looked smooth.

Note, even though,that the earlier Alienware x17 R1 we tested using a 4K 120 Hz panel delivered greater color and also more brightness (438 nits).For those who aren’t right after maximum refresh rate more than almost everything else,we’d choose the 4K panel when configuring the method from Alienware.

Keyboard and Touchpad

If There is an upgrade I’d propose for everybody opting for the Alienware x17 R2,it really is the $50 Cherry MX mechanical keyboard. This came with our evaluation unit, and with regards to just switch really feel and snapiness,lenovo g70 80 akkuit’s greater than a number of the finest gaming keyboardsI use in my day-to-day perform and gaming life.

I can not think about the last time I employed a laptop keyboard that felt this satisfying.That mentioned, if you’re a correct keyboard enthusiast who is annoyed by metallic case ping sounds,the mechanical keyboard here has that aplenty,and it varies pretty a bit from essential to important. Personally I think the feel in the keyboard (and its roomly layout) far outweigh any pinging sound problems,but that may perhaps not be the case for everyone.

The only odd factor regarding the keyboard’s layout would be the added column all the approach to the right, which houses dedicated volume,mute,and mic mute keys.Their non-standard positions will take some finding utilized to,but in my case I didn’t discover myself hitting them accidentally.I’d also have liked to see devoted media control buttons,but you could at least plan the F2-F6 keys with macros.

The touchpad is not specifically spacious at about two.4 x four.eight inches, but it really is major enough for Windows gestures,at the least with my mid-sized hands. Some could prefer anything larger, but the vast majority of gamers are going to choose to use one of the most effective gaming mice,anyway.

Battery Life

you’ll want to retain the x17 R2’s energy brick handy whenever you happen to be employing the system.No high-end gaming laptop sports stellar battery life,however the x17 R2 with its top-end elements is only likely to last a handful of hours under the top of circumstances.

On our battery test, in which laptops constantly browse the net, stream video and run OpenGL graphics tests inside the browser, all while connected to Wi-Fi using the screen at 150 nits,the x17 R2 conked out in the 3 hour and 7 minute mark.that is not awful as far as potent gaming laptops go,bose mini soundlink 2 akku wechseln but the MSI lasted nearly an hour longer (4:05) last year’s x17 R1 lasted nearly 90 mins longer (4:31), and the AMD-powered Asus held on for 3:44.


With new top-end Intel and Nvidia elements wrapped in arguably the nicest-looking gaming laptop shell available, the Alienware x17 R2 is impressive, and its mechanical keyboard option feels wonderful. But MSI’s competing GE76 Raider performed a little improved on our gaming tests and includes a bigger battery.

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