Lenovo Legion Y7000 Review

June 16, 2021

Quality gaming at an inexpensive price will not be difficult. Promoting for $1,099, the Lenovo Legion Y7000 incorporates a strong Main i7 CPU and GTX 1060 GPU packed right into a trendy chassis using a at ease keyboard, a wildly vibrant 15.6-inch show and above-average battery lifestyle. This device has some flaws, like its annoying speakers and microsoft surface pro 6 charger uk awkwardly put webcam. Even so, the Legion Y7000 can be a wonderful in general gaming notebook for that value, and we even named it amongst our greatest VR-ready laptops and most effective online video modifying laptops.The Legion Y7000 encompasses a modern, Iron Gray aluminum hood that curves right down to an angled hinge with vent grills which can be paying homage to a athletics car or truck. The white Legion symbol sunk during the center glows like it were the supply of your Y7000’s ability.

Older Lenovo gaming laptops had been overdone from the visible standpoint. The 15-inch Ideapad Y700, one example is, experienced shiny brushed aluminum surfaces, rubberized matte palm rests, pink grilles, plus a reflective edge-to-edge display all in a single. The Legion Y7000 is less complicated, all matte, and far a lot less showy than sony kdl 50w829b power cable before for an eventually sleeker gaming aesthetic. The three-sided slim bezels are reminiscent to the Asus GL504 and FX705 series but together with the webcam forced to the suboptimal position below the bottom edge. Fingerprints build-up fairly speedily in particular over the rubberized palm rests and keyboard deck.


The Y7000 sits involving the lovely Y540 plus the minimalist Y740, borrowing a bit through the two, design-wise. It is a compact chassis with a 15.6” monitor like the Y540, but with hinge design on the Y740- a simpler, possibly fewer robust one.It has a very good, comfy feel to it thanks to its restricted packaging. Really very little area through the conclusion with the keyboard to the fringe of the laptop facet. And macbook pro 2018 charger slim bezels for the monitor (having a big chin bezel wherever the Legion brand and webcam reside).But that does not mean the Y7000 would not stand by itself. For one particular, it provides back again the gamer red in full power. Pink trimmings to the keyboard caps. Only purple lights (no RGB). In place of the Legion typeface, you obtain an enormous purple Y in the lid with the laptop once more, such as Y sequence of your aged days.


The Legion Y7000’s 15.6-inch, 1920 x 1080p panel is shockingly colorful and sharp, but it really could be brighter.In the most current trailer for Aladdin, I used to be basically hypnotized because of the genie lamp’s daring, sparking blue vortex. Within the xps 15 9570 charger same scene, I could place specific threads breaking from the major in the Magic Carpet’s seams. I wish the show had been just a little brighter, even so, since when Will Smith arrived out of the lamp, the surrounding background looked noticeably darkish.

For the exact same selling price you can get the Y7000P from B&H with much less storage than the Costco configuration, but with a 144Hz full-HD screen. But it is possible to also find it for considerably less than $900 from NewEgg, but with a GTX 1050. Within the long run, though, you’re better off to save up and have the GTX 1060. Basically, the asus e406s charger Legion Y7000P can be a solid value with all the CPU/GPU combo I tested when you add in its other specs, screen, keyboard and total make excellent. If you want something that’s a step above entry-level gaming, it truly is worth tracking down.

Display options include either 1080p60 or 1080p144 with no glossy, Gorilla Glass, or 4K alternatives. Contrast and maximum brightness are wherever we expect them to be for a gaming notebook at about 800:1 and 300 nits, respectively. The dell xps 13 laptop charger matte panel does not exhibit any major graininess issues for a really clean picture. A slight level of graininess is noticeable if viewing at an angle or from your side.

Whereas the Legion Y530 uses an AU Optronics B156HAN02.one IPS panel, the Legion Y7000 uses a BOE NV156FHM-N61 IPS panel as an alternative to offer a wider color coverage. This identical BOE panel can also be found about the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro, Razer Blade 15 Base Model, and dell latitude e6410 charger even the ThinkPad X1 Extreme. Consequently, all these 15-inch laptops share similar display screen properties.


Last year we described the Lenovo Legion Y7000’s counterpart, the Y530, as a ”generic business machine.” The Y7000 is the opposite, unmistakably a gaming laptop-albeit 1 that’s a hair classier than adlx65clgk2a its peers.The Legion Y7000 includes a sleek, Iron Grey aluminum hood that curves down to an angled hinge with vent grills that are paying homage to a sports activities motor vehicle. The white Legion logo sunk within the center glows as though it have been the source of your Y7000’s power.

The Legion Y7000 measures 14. 2 by 10.5 by 1.0 inches and weighs a smidge over 5 pounds. That makes it smaller (and significantly lighter) than your average ”desktop replacement” gaming equipment, but still not nearly as portable as, say, the Razer Blade. The base is in particular dense, a thick hunk of plastic that microsoft surface 2 charger nevertheless hides some of its bulk with sharply tapered edges. It’s nicely complemented from the lid, thin and aluminum-plated, with Lenovo’s distinctive ”Y” brand backlit in white. There’s no other external branding, which can be a classy (and confident) touch.

Its ABS plastic interior is lathered in black, and Lenovo’s standard keyboard illuminates the keys with white backlighting. The Y7000’s bezels are significantly slim, but that comes at a cost for that webcam, which is positioned over the base bezel. The hinge is attached by one particular solid piece inside the center, creating a slim gap over the left and lenovo yoga 700 charger right aspect of that part.At 5.3 pounds and 14.2 x 10.5 x one.0-0.9 inches, the Legion Y7000 is lighter and thinner than the Acer Predator Helios 300 Special Edition (5.5 pounds, one.one inches) and the Asus TUF Gaming FX705 (six.1 pounds, 15.7 x 11 x 1 inches).

The two noteworthy drawbacks of your display screen are pulse-width modulation along with the slow black-white and gray-gray response times. We are able to detect a high PWM frequency on all brightness levels up to 99 percent that lenovo ideapad 110s 11ibr charger may impact a very small subset of users. Meanwhile, ghosting is more noticeable on our 60 Hz panel. We’re unsure if the 144 Hz panel option will have faster 3 ms or 5 ms response times like within the Asus GL504 for an almost ghost-free gaming experience.


Under the hood of this beast lies a 2.2-GHz Intel Main i7-8750H processor with 16GB of RAM that easily tore through 40 Google Chrome tabs, a 1080p YouTube video and Spotify, all while Shadow in the Tomb Raider was running in the background.Over the Geekbench 4.3 performance test, the a1181 charger Legion Y7000 nailed 22,474, leaving the mainstream gaming laptop computer typical (20,748) and also the Helios 300 (20,595) while in the dust. Even so, the TUF FX705 topped both laptops, with 23,179. They all had precisely the same CPU, but the TUF FX705 has double the RAM, at 32GB.

Mid-tier rate, mid-tier performance. That’s exactly what Lenovo promised with the Legion Y7000 and exactly what it delivered when we ran it through our benchmark gamut. The GeForce GTX 1060 is really a well-established piece of hardware at this point, and even the i7-8750H is familiar territory. The Y7000 put up the dell precision 5530 charger expected numbers against similarly equipped peers much like the Acer Predator Helios 300, and blew away the GTX 1050-equipped Lenovo Legion Y530 we tested last year.The Legion Y7000 took 38 seconds to match 65,000 names and addresses on our Excel test, meaning this device is actually a few seconds faster than the 0:42 category common plus the Helios 300 (0:45). The TUF FX705 finished the test at a a great deal faster 9 seconds.

First up is Cinebench, which measures a CPU’s short-term performance. The Y7000’s score of one,020 won’t turn any heads, nor does it very best the aforementioned Acer machine. It truly is well within the margin of error though, which lenovo ideapad 330 15ikb charger is no surprise. These machines are basically identical, and thus put up basically identical scores. That’s what you want to see, actually! It means there’s nothing fundamentally wrong along with the Legion Y7000, no aggressive throttling or heat-related problems to hunt down.

On the HandBrake benchmark, the Legion Y7000 transcoded a 4K video clip to 1080p in just 9 minutes and 24 seconds, crushing the category common (11:10), the Helios 300’s time (10:30) along with the TUF FX705’s mark (10:45).Lenovo’s 256GB SSD copied 4.97GB of data in 8 seconds, for a blazing-fast transfer rate of apdp 100a1a 636 megabytes per second that nearly doubles the 328-MBps category common. While the 256GB SSDs during the Helios 300 and TUF FX705 trumped the average, at 364 MBps and 392 MBps, respectively, they weren’t anywhere near the Legion’s rate.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The Legion Y7000’s keys are so punchy and a1424 satisfying to type on that I would have thought my fingers had been tap-dancing on a cloud if I didn’t know better.

Battery Life

The Legion Y7000 has pretty decent battery existence for a gaming laptop. When I continuously surfed the lenovo charger adl45wcd web over Wi-Fi at 150 nits of brightness, the battery lasted 4 hours and 28 minutes. The Legion performed slightly over the 4:26 category common and even outlasted the Helios 300 (3:00) and TUF FX705 (4:19).


The Legion Y7000’s speakers were somewhat disappointing when I listened to Twenty 1 Pilots’ “Stressed Out.” The bassy beats that intro the song have been muffled and lacked the proper impact. And when the vocals kicked off, they have been too sharp, just as if someone experienced cranked up the treble to max. It was also off-putting to hear the macbook 2007 charger cymbals match and even overwhelm the vocals.Shadow with the Tomb Raider’s bustling forest was filled with birds and frogs, but the chirping and croaking sounded hollow. And when the qualifications music hit a crescendo, it was unpleasantly sharp. The dialogue between Lara and Jonah was loud but lacked bass, so it didn’t sound total. A similar effect happened when I fired my arrow and I didn’t hear the satisfying bowstring snap I had been expecting.

Software and Warranty

Lenovo throws in its usual Vantage app, which you may use to monitor your CPU, GPU, RAM and drives. The Optimizer tool can automatically manage your RAM, the Power tab lets you customize battery usage, and also the Wi-Fi Security section can help you distinguish safe wireless networks from lenovo ideapad miix 310 10icr charger dangerous ones. You can also run a components scan and check your warranty through an app.The Legion also attributes Lenovo’s proprietary App Explorer, which hosts a bunch of apps and games, like Skype and Sonic Dash. And, of course, Windows 10 has its possess apps already pre-installed around the device, like Cooking Fever, Candy Crush Saga and Township.


The Lenovo Legion Y7000 can be best described as an Asus ROG GL504GM but with fewer characteristics and better performance-per-Dollar. Both systems carry a similar CPU and GPU and both are nearly identical in size. Users who decide to pay extra to the Asus aren’t necessarily paying for more performance, but sony ac adapter acdp 100d01 they would be getting a few more attributes missing in the Lenovo such as a SD card reader and multi-zone RGB backlight. From this perspective, the Legion Y7000 offers incredible gaming value for hundreds of dollars less while looking and feeling just as sharp.

The downsides from the system are relatively minor, but they certainly add up. Port positioning may not be ideal for some users and serviceability could have been easier. Better fan controls and webcam placement, a stiffer lid, more rigid trackpad, and perhaps fewer fingerprint-prone surfaces would have improved the surface pro 6 power supply user experience without needing to bump up the value. It is really also slightly heavier or thicker than competing narrow-bezel alternatives such as the MSI GF63 as well as aforementioned ROG GL504. More serious FPS gamers should be wary on the base 60 Hz exhibit option due to its relatively slow black-white response times.

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