Lenovo ideapad Y700 Review

May 31, 2018

Despite staying among one of the most dependable and prolific program producers around, Lenovo isn’t typically regarded for its gaming laptops, but given its penchant for planning durable transportable PCs for company, there is no reason Lenovo should have any dell inspiron fifteen 5000 charger much less success with them. The 15-inch Ideapad Y700 Contact (commences at $729.ninety nine; $1,299 as examined) demonstrates the firm’s proficiency on this location, and while it is really saddled by having an growing older graphics card, it nonetheless succeeds as being a reliable, respectable midrange gaming notebook that delivers the basic merchandise having a handful of nonessential frills. And given its excellent battery everyday living, you don’t ought to be chained to the electric power cable to reap the advantages.

Design: Cruise Control

Lenovo seems to really like cruising in that understated-chic lane — not less than with regards to its gaming/entertainment laptops. The line of notebooks has been rebranded still yet again, although not substantially has adjusted from last year’s Y50, in addition to a money “L” to the Lenovo emblem on the lid as well as the black-and-red grille getting far more prominently put bose soundlink three charger during the rear.The lid remains manufactured from a black aluminum subtly brushed to produce a cross-hatch sample. A lot of the keyboard deck is roofed in the black, soft-touch complete. The very best part from the deck characteristics the 2 thick aluminum speaker grilles on either facet from the hinge, which happens to be made from a glossy black plastic. It isn’t an offensive appear macbook pro a1502 charger by any indicates, but with countless laptops rocking the black-and-red motif, it is surely a tad drained. The Y700 also picks up fingerprint smudges a lot more swiftly than I might like.


I adore it each time a Pc maker listens! Following we dinged last generation’s Y Series notebooks for his or her lackluster shows, Lenovo stepped up its sport and added some much-needed brightness. The Y700’s 15-inch 1920 x 1080 panel averaged 263 nits on our light-weight meter, beating the 244-nit mainstream normal. It was nonetheless no match for your Alienware 15, which strike a stunning 311 nits, but the Inspiron 15-7000 generated a measly 222 nits. dell latitude e6420 charger This brightness surely helped once i viewed the 1080p trailer with the Hateful 8 on this screen. I could begin to see the little grime-caked creases on actor Samuel L. Jackson’s formerly white gloves. His blood-red tie drew my eye, allowing me to absorb his bronze complexion. However, I did notice some yellowing, especially on white objects.

Despite the yellow tint in the motion picture trailer, the sky in Metal Equipment Good V: The Phantom Agony was great and blue. Snake’s encounter was coated inside a mask of crimson adp 230eb t gore, with the dried blood nestling to the deep crevasses of his facial area.

Keyboard & Touchpad

The Lenovo ideapad Y700 has 102-key board with crimson backlighting and dedicated number pad. The Chiclet-style keys are large and well-spaced resulting inside of a comfortable typing experience. Gamers should consider head on the other hand. Even though the keys have a decent travel distance, they lack snap and trigger with too minimal force. Resting your fingers on them will result from the occasional accidental press. Key spacing is even across the board, with nothing to separate the number pad from the QWERTY. This puts the backspace key too close lenovo yoga 710 charger to the number lock, as well as the right shift key too close to the up arrow. Both resulted in numerous accidental presses during our time using the machine.The single-piece trackpad measures 4.2 x 2.7 inches, and rests off center from the keyboard, under the space bar. It?¡¥s large and responsive in terms both single- and two-finger gestures, but as we mentioned when we first saw the Y700 in late 2015, it will frustrate gamers. A multi-button trackpad is much better for them as it provides much more handle and feedback for right and left mouse clicks.


Visually, the layout of final year’s Y series looks very sharp for a gaming notebook. Its combination of defined corners, brushed aluminum lid, and dark rubberized palm rests is sleek without appearing overly eccentric. This layout philosophy has returned about the new Y700 with a few notable changes. While we had build quality dell inspiron fifteen 3000 series charger issues on our Y50 and Y70, the Y700 is built far more tightly around the edges and corners where gaps are far more likely to occur. To be a result, the speaker grilles have been redesigned and are now larger and much more taut than before. The belly with the unit has also been redesigned with new grilles and a relocated subwoofer grille.

The rest in the model appears largely the same as its predecessor. The lid exhibits better than ordinary resistance to twisting as well as the single-bar hinge is strong enough to prevent teetering when typing. The base from the unit is especially resistant to twisting and even depressions when pushing down within the center with the keyboard. hp elitebook 840 g3 charger Pushing down to the center on the outer lid will warp it just slightly, although not enough to become of any concern. While we prefer the unibody approach over gluing together smaller materials, Lenovo has done a better job this time around as far as quality is concerned.

As for size and weight, the Y700 is actually slightly thicker (23.9 mm vs. 25.9 mm) and longer in depth (277 mm vs. 263.4 mm) than its Y50 predecessor. When combined while using the internal changes and touchscreen panel, our Y700 is roughly 500 grams heavier than our older Y50 configuration. The Acer Aspire V15 Nitro is a lot lighter at 2.4 kg while the super-thin MSI GS60 and HP Omen are roughly 2.1 kg each in comparison.


Considering its internal components are almost identical to those of your MSI GE72 6QD Apache Pro we recently reviewed, it isn’t surprising that the Y700 Touch exhibits similar performance. In our 3D graphics and gaming tests (which, let’s deal with it, are what count by using a computer like this), the 2 were neck and neck, together with the Y700 Contact winning on 3DMark Cloud Gate with a score of 17,332 (to 17,041), and the hp envy x360 charger MSI slightly edging it out in just about everything else (2,039 versus 2,008 in Fire Strike Extreme; 75 frames per second, or fps, in Heaven using medium detail settings, versus 70fps; 25fps versus 24fps from the same test along with the details turned up; 82fps versus 79fps in Valley at medium settings, and a wash at higher settings with both nabbing 28fps).

You can certainly get higher frame rates if you’re willing to pay more. A current Editors’ Choice gaming laptop computer, the MSI GT72 Dominator Professional G-1438Best Price at Amazon, armed by using a GTX 980M video card, turned in noticeably higher results in much more demanding tests: 4,296 in Fire Strike Extreme, for example, and 52fps and 57fps respectively in the extra difficult Heaven and Valley tests. (Its medium-settings results were comparable to those of your Y700 Contact). But if you’re okay with turning down the visual bells and whistles, the Lenovo should suit you well enough. The only wrinkle: Because the Y700 Touch’s GTX 960M is a a lot more midrange GPU, it’s likely to fall out of date extra swiftly when the next (Pascal) generation of Nvidia graphics hits, that’s likely to happen soon.

In our productivity tests, the competition between the Y700 Contact plus the MSI GE72 continued, with the latter again regularly?abut barely?acoming out on leading (1 minute, 6 seconds, versus 1:fifteen in HandBrake; a completion time of 2:37 versus three:19 in Photoshop; and a score of 681 versus 588 in CineBench). We’re attributing the minute but detectable differences to the GE72’s faster hard drive (7,200rpm versus 5,400rpm for your Y700 Contact.) Regardless, the results are perfectly acceptable for a gaming laptop computer at this price.

Where the Y700 Contact most distinguished itself however, was with battery daily life. Loaded which has a 60Wh battery, it lasted an astonishing 7 hours, 55 minutes, dell inspiron 15 charger in our rundown test. However that might be middle with the road as far as the laptop computer category as being a whole, it can be almost unheard of with laptops aimed at gamers. The MSI GE72 could only hang on for 2:37 before giving up the ghost, and even a much more mainstream machine like our previous recent champ during this space, the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Sequence (7559) conked out following 7:28. It even surpasses its own sibling, the Y700-17, which it basically tied or just trailed on our other tests, by 50 minutes. This is undoubtedly the kind of notebook you want for true gaming around the go.

There’s plenty of storage during the Y700 by way of its 1TB 5400 RPM hard drive. It also has a 128GB SSD to rapidly load games, but unfortunately it is too anemic to generally be of much use. The operating procedure takes up the bulk of the precious gigabytes, leaving tiny space for games to also live within the same drive and and reap the performance boost perks.

To make matters worse, the 5400 RPM hard drive slows loading times, something the HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook also suffers with. With modern games taking up so much space, there is no choice but to install them to the slower hard drive. Personally I would rather have a larger solid-state drive than a contact display.

Battery Life

The Li-Ion battery remains non-removable, while Lenovo has kindly upped the capacity from 55 Wh on the original Y50 to 60 Wh around the newer Y700. Runtimes are very good for a gaming notebook at almost 6 hours of constant WLAN use. Alienware notebooks typically have higher capacity batteries and are able to previous much longer than the vast majority of the competition.

Note that a built-in Lenovo battery saver feature chargeur surface 2/chargeur microsoft surface 2/chargeur tablette surface 2/alimentation surface 2/chargeur tablette microsoft surface 2 may have automatically kicked in at 30 percent battery life while running our minimum runtime test. This kink within the curve extended our runtime results which would have otherwise been much shorter.


The Lenovo ideapad Y700 is a 17-inch gaming notebook. Some users don’t require a thin and light notebook, especially if it will come at the expense of processing energy. Some users don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a high-end gaming rig, especially if it’s garish having an overly aggressive structure. Some users just want a large and powerful machine to do work and play games. For these, the Lenovo ideapad Y700 is perfect provided they can handle a tiny bit of style style.

Lenovo achieves an outstanding balance, making just the right sacrifices to hit a reasonable price point. These compromises, including the mushy keyboard, chargeur asus r510c/asus r510c chargeur/chargeur asus r510cc/chargeur pc asus r510c/alimentation asus r510c single piece trackpad, and mid-range GPU, will keep the hardcore gaming set away. For extra mainstream users, the Y700 blows the doors off of other thin-and-light devices like the Surface Book in terms of functionality and price. A Core i7 Surface Book having a less powerful Nvidia GeForce GPU (940M equivalent) costs about three times as a lot as the Y700 we reviewed.

Of course, the Surface Book is an insanely engineered two-in-one and transportable in ways that put the Y700 to shame. But for those looking for something to sit on a desk and occasionally travel from room to room or to the office and back, the Y700 is a a lot better choice, with some on the best notebook speakers to boot.

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