HP EliteBook 1050 G1 Review

November 13, 2018

According to HP, the EliteBook 1050 G1 is an ‘ultraslim’ enterprise notebook, but never get as well excited about that. This 15.6-inch laptop includes a desktop footprint of 245mm by 360mm, and lenovo x1 carbon 20bt battery is 18.9 mm thick. It’s quite heavy also, with a starting weight of two.06kg. You will need to have a fairly hefty backpack or bag, and you happen to be unlikely to want to carry it extremely far.

Increasingly the boundaries between organization and customer laptops that had been clear earlier are becoming a lot more fluent. Examples for this will not be only the Apple MacBook Pro laptops, but in addition the Microsoft Surface Book laptops and lenovo thinkpad yoga s1 battery replacement/lenovo thinkpad yoga 20cd battery the Dell XPS notebooks, which are aspect in the “Prosumer” category that are also supposed to attract corporation buyers. The Dell XPS 15 9570 plus the Apple MacBook Pro 15 in certain are bestsellers – 15.6-inch laptops with slim circumstances, effective components, and high rates. Now HP starts the counter attack with the EliteBook 1050 G1. This is the very first generation of a new premium laptop series with a 15.6-inch display, that is signified by the “G1” inside the model name.


The EliteBook appears superb, and there’s sufficient about its style to create it stand out from its most important rivals – the familiar MacBook Pro and the dated carbon-fibre with the Dell XPS.

The base has sharp, bevelled edges and brushed metal sides, and lenovo yoga 900 13isk2 battery/yoga 900 13isk battery you will discover much more eye-catching angles exactly where the base meets the screen. The lid has HP’s smart new logo, the base has milled vents, along with the Elitebook logo sits for the bottom-left of the keyboard. The speaker grille is clever and stretches across the whole width of the machine.

It appears the part, but this 15.6in machine can be a small chunkier than the competition. It weighs two.06kg, and it’s 22mm thick as soon as its rubber feet are considered. The MacBook Pro 15 weighs 1.8kg and surface pro 4 charger/microsoft surface pro 4 charger is 16mm thick, whilst the Dell XPS 15 is often a 17mm, 2kg machine. The HP’s dimensions are not ruinous, specifically for a laptop that’s not as highly-priced as the competitors, but they are worth thinking about if you’d like to lug this laptop about from day-to-day.

Build good quality is a different region exactly where the less costly HP cannot really match the Apple and Dell machines. There is just a little give within the aluminium utilized to make the base, and dell inspiron 15 7559 charger/dell inspiron 7559 charger pressing the back on the screen sees the desktop distort. The EliteBook’s construct quality is not bad, but the competitors is undoubtedly superior.

Around the edges you’ll locate pairs of Thunderbolt 3 and USB three ports alongside an SD card slot and an HDMI output. Apple’s machines provide you with 4 Thunderbolt ports but no USB connectivity and no HDMI, when the Dell matches the HP’s configuration. On the inside, you have got dual-band 802.11ac wireless networking, but no wired networking.

Impressively, HP’s machine contains several neat company features. A plastic cover can block the webcam, and pa5121u 1brs/toshiba battery pa5121u 1brs there is a fingerprint reader beneath the keyboard. The base panel can also be removed, which makes this machine a lot easier to service than Apple’s systems.

You get Positive Commence Gen four, which adds a layer of protection to the BIOS, and toshiba battery pa3817u 1brs/toshiba laptop battery pa3817u 1brs this machine can also be compatible using the Thunderbolt Dock G2, which serves up wired networking, a lot more USB ports and further display outputs.

The HP also has an impressive screen privacy solution. Pressing F2 activates an additional layer that makes the screen just about impossible to view for any individual sat on either side from the machine – although maintaining the technique usable for its owner. With lenovo think pad x1 carbon 20fb battery this choice activated the screen is really a small dimmer, however it performs really effectively to block viewing in the side – and that’s a worthwhile trade-off if you are handling sensitive operate or making use of this machine in public.


The connection equipment is quite related to that of the Dell XPS 15 9570, with all the EliteBook 1050 G1 supplying two Thunderbolt-3 connections even though the current Dell XPS 15 only gives a single connection of this sort. In comparison to the far more cost-effective HP EliteBook 850 G5, the HP EliteBook 1050 G1 also has 1 extra USB-C/Thunderbolt-3 connection and dell 40wh m5y1k battery/dell m5y1k battery also provides an SD card reader. However it will not have the proprietary HP side-docking connection and no RJ45 Ethernet connection. These other connections are more suitable for the design on the EliteBook 1050 G1, given that unlike the EliteBook 850 G5, this targets far more the creative segment in lieu of substantial enterprise consumers.

While the connection equipment itself is quite equivalent to that in the XPS, you will discover considerable variations inside the positioning in the connectors. That is as a consequence of the positions with the fans and their vents: Dell has placed these hidden around the back behind the hinge of the XPS 15, whilst HP however has placed the fan vents on the sides. This leaves less space for the dell inspiron 15 7559 charger/dell inspiron 7559 charger connections, which due to the hinge design and style couldn’t be moved towards the back either. This causes the connections on each sides to become placed really far within the back, with all the exception of the SD card slot as well as the audio jack. So far so good: connections need to be as far within the back as you can so as to not interfere using the use of an external mouse. Even so, right here the use of the USB-A ports can grow to be problematic, due to the fact each of them are squeezed tightly subsequent to one another in the lenovo yoga 700 14isk charger/lenovo yoga 700 14isk battery left corner in the case. This could swiftly outcome in some blockage if the USB cable or device utilised is slightly wider. You may only steer clear of this by moving for the appropriate side, in case you use a USB-C-to-USB-A adapter.

Although the connections won’t bring any challenges for mouse customers, the hot air stream from the fans could possibly come to be uncomfortable. No matter if that you are suitable or left handed, the fan air will hit the mouse hand in any case.


There are 3 various show selections for our existing test unit. The fundamental solution is often a Full-HD show (1920×1080 pixels) that’s supposed to attain 400 cd/m2 as outlined by HP. There is also a Full-HD display accessible with toshiba laptop battery pa5109u 1brs/toshiba battery pa5109u 1brs HP’s SureView privacy filter technology (tested right here). As outlined by the specification sheet this even presents a maximum brightness of 650 cd/m2. Lastly the trio of readily available LCD panels is completed by a 4K UHD show (3840×2160). All three displays possess a matte, non-reflective surface and are based on IPS technologies.

Our test unit has the 4K UHD show, and the initially issue we ought to note is the fact that apart from the HP EliteBook 1050 G1, none in the direct competitors provide a absolutely matte 4K UHD LCD. Within the Dell XPS 15 and the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme, only the Full-HD selections have a non-reflective show, even though the 4K displays are struggling with lenovo yoga 3 14 battery/lenovo yoga 3 14 battery replacement reflections on account of their glass surface. Because its conversion to high-resolution displays several years ago, the Apple MacBook Pro 15 is typically only presented having a glossy screen. The ThinkPad T580 and EliteBook 850 G5 on the other hand give matte 4K UHD displays, but are usually not playing within the exact same league when it comes to their good quality and performance. This could surely be taken as a positive point for the EliteBook in our evaluation.

However, HP has denied the EliteBook 1050 G1 the DreamColor show, which as a result remains reserved solely towards the practically identically equipped HP ZBook Studio G5. The display that is definitely built-in right here is supposed to produce 400 cd/m2 of brightness as outlined by HP, and with hp spectre x360 13 battery/hp spectre x360 13 4066nz battery an typical value of 389 cd/m2, it nearly reaches this. In contrast, the DreamColor 4K display of the ZBook is supposed to reach 600 cd/m2 in accordance with HP. It is unfortunate that HP will not integrate the top feasible display that’s built-into an identically equipped sibling model, into a device that charges much more than 4000 Euros (~$4663). Within this respect, Lenovo and Dell usually do not distinguish between the common models and their similarly equipped workstation offshoots.

While nearly 400 cd/m2 is naturally nonetheless a decent outcome general, in comparison to its competitors, the EliteBook 1050 can not truly impress with that. The displays from the Apple MacBook Pro 15 and lenovo x1 carbon 20bt battery/lenovo x1 carbon battery 20bs the Dell XPS 15 are brighter. At the very least, the display is about 60 cd/m2 brighter in comparison to the 4K panel of your ZBook Studio G4, so there is progress in this respect. The UHD show with the Lenovo ThinkPad T580 is also darker. While the brightness itself is very good, the brightness distribution of 83% isn’t so superior. The panel is substantially brighter in the center than in the edges. This uneven brightness is virtually noticeable with the naked eye inside a entirely white display. The quality handle of HP really should happen to be a little extra stringent here.


HP’s EliteBook 1050 G1 is substantial and heavy, and will not conveniently fit into a bag or backpack. Using a 15.6-inch screen along with a discrete Nvidia GPU selection, it is well suited to operating graphically demanding applications. The develop high quality is strong, so if this laptop does need to travel, it ought to be properly protected. Battery life is impressive, too, and lenovo ideapad p400 touch battery/lenovo p400 touch battery the EliteBook 1050 G1 even includes a decent audio subsystem, which can be a thing of a rarity to get a laptop.

The high-end possibilities of course push up the cost, but you are going to get a technique that’s effectively equipped to manage demanding workloads. The EliteBook 1050 G1 should really prove a worthy competitor for 15-inch laptops from the likes of Dell and Apple.

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