HP Chromebook x360 14 G1 Review

June 29, 2021

Straight from K-12 for the corner workplace? That’s HP’s hope for its Chromebook x360 14 G1, a convertible laptop that aims to expand the audience for Chrome OS in the education and consumer markets to company specialists. The G1 is obtainable using a speedy Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor; has passed a number of the exact same MIL-STD 810G tests against bumps and bateria hp elitebook 8460p bruises as HP EliteBooks or Lenovo ThinkPads; and boasts impressive battery life. But my Core i5 assessment unit underwhelmed, using a lackluster screen and overall performance barely much better than Core i3 competitors we’ve tested. It did not unseat our Editors’ Option business Chromebook, the detachable HP Chromebook x2.

The HP Chromebook x360 14 G1 is HP’s newest try to create the ultimate premium Chromebook. Aimed at corporate customers who want something nicer than the typical plastic-clad, affordably priced models for students and hp spare 746641 001 shoppers, the x360 14 G1 is more quickly, extra immersive, and longer-lasting on battery than nearly each other Chromebook out there.

But this luxury convertible has some downsides. The Chromebook x360 14 G1 is major, heavy, and features a really audible fan. The display and storage offerings are surprisingly limited. The tablet and bateria lenovo x230 tent modes don’t present as considerably versatility as they really should. Worst of all, this convertible’s cost officially begins at $1,397 on HP’s web page. The only other corporation that is gutsy enough to sell a Chromebook this high priced is Google itself.


Simple, sleek and sturdy, the Chromebook x360 14 includes a sophisticated design and style that reminds me many HP’s EliteBook business enterprise laptops. With a silver-aluminum frame and black keyboard, the x360 14 has that traditional MacBook aesthetic we see all as well often. Whilst there is certainly an agreeable business-friendly high-quality for the understated chassis, a splash of color would not have hurt.The bateria msi ge60 Chromebook x360 14’s lid has a matte aluminum finish that’s disrupted only by an HP logo centered inside a chrome circle. Opening the lid reveals a top-facing speaker grille beneath two chrome hinges. Those hinges rotate 360 degrees, transforming the Chromebook x360 14 from a laptop into a tablet. You can also position the convertible into tent mode for presentations or watching movies with out a keyboard in the way.

Apart from some minor lid flex, the Chromebook x360 14 feels like a sturdy machine, so I wasn’t surprised to understand that it passed several MIL-STD-810G tests. That’s probably gibberish to most folks, but hp spare 484170 001 it means the x360 14 can survive high temperatures, unbearable humidity and also a drop or two.We have extremely couple of complaints about the exterior style, nonetheless, which can be elegant and sturdy. The shiny chrome-plated hinges communicate excellent, as does the chrome-plated rim around the giant trackpad. That trackpad was nicely responsive, heeding my taps and touches without hesitation, although it was a bit also clicky for my tastes. HP also certifies the Chromebook x360 14 G1 to meet MIL-STD 810G specs for drops, vibrations, shock, temperature extremes, dust, altitude, and humidity.

The backlit keyboard is particularly pleasant, with soft, springy keys that happen to be even quieter than the ones on the bateria dell xps 15 9560 Pixelbook. Switching amongst my MacBook (with its problematic Butterfly keyboard) along with the x360 14 G1 was a night-and-day practical experience. If it weren’t so heavy, the x360 14 G1 would quickly grow to be my traveling Chromebook of selection for the keyboard alone.


The x360 14 G1 features a 14-inch touchscreen display that operates natively at 1,920×1,080 inside a 16:9 aspect ratio. Our critique unit achieved an average maximum luminosity of 246.six cd/m2, based on X-Rite i1Pro 2, that is around 30% darker than the show inside the Dell Inspiron 7486 but is brighter or as bright as our other comparison devices. Nevertheless, we measured the display as obtaining a bateria dell latitude e6440 unacceptably high 0.45 cd/m black value, which results in an underwhelming 593:1 contrast ratio. In brief, we would count on a convertible or laptop that expenses about €1,000 ($1,120) to have a display that achieves no less than 300 cd/m2 typical maximum brightness and has a 1000:1 contrast ratio. Whilst the majority of our comparison devices fail on the former, all however the ASUS VivoBook Flip 14 manage the latter.

On a good note, the 14-inch, 1080p touch screen did a superb, detailed job of showcasing a violent explosion in Ang Lee’s upcoming film Gemini Man. I could see individual chunks of rubble as they rocketed toward me when sparks sprayed by means of the air. But hp elitebook 8440p bateria many that detail was lost in darker scenes for the reason that the screen is so dim. I could barely make out Will Smith’s profile within a night scene when he confronts his clone. Even though the glossy show is not dull, the colorful shingles on a Budapest church behind Smith did not pop as I had hoped.

According to our colorimeter, the x360 14’s panel covers 68 percent on the sRGB colour gamut, making it much less vibrant than those on the Chromebook Flip C434 (93 percent), Pixelbook (117 %) and bateria asus gl552vw Chromebook 13 (126 %). Even the Chromebook typical, which can be weighed down by spending budget devices, is higher, at 81 percent.


I was shocked to determine the HP Chromebook x360 pump out benchmark scores that landed it in second location across the board among the 5 systems within this roundup. The program even handily beat out the Acer Chromebook Spin 13, regardless of Acer’s inclusion of a Core i5 CPU in place of the weaker Core i3 here. Against the adp 90yd b average, the x360 was 8 percent faster on the common Speedometer two.0 benchmark (which measures the responsiveness of internet applications). It was just three % above the average around the JetStream 1.1 test but a full 14 % faster on Kraken 1.1, each of which are additional sophisticated benchmarks that look at graphics and audio processing, plus encryption. Those are fantastic scores that must serve any user effectively.

The HP Chromebook x360 is one of the fastest Chrome OS laptops we’ve tested. The notebook sped via my real-world testing, which involved loading 15 Chrome tabs, four of which cargador lenovo adlx45nlc3a played 1080p YouTube videos though an additional pair streamed Mortal Kombat 11 on Twitch. I didn’t notice a hint of lag, so I downloaded a 16MB puzzle game in the Play Store and was shocked when it downloaded instantly.

Armed with an Intel Core i5-8350U and 8GB of RAM, the Chromebook x360 14 scored a 14,776 around the Geekbench four general performance benchmark, which can be about double what the Chromebook Flip C434 (6,968) and Pixelbook (7,927) scored. The Chromebook 13 (ten,856) closed the gap, but bateria lenovo ideapad 100 15ibd nonetheless fell effectively short, although the Chromebook typical is a measly five,044.The G1 completed in initial spot in both contests, but its margin of victory was much less than I anticipated contemplating its quad-core Core i5 CPU compared to the Core i3 Lenovo and Dell. This leaves me torn involving recommending it as one of the quickest Chromebooks we’ve ever tested and hinting that you just may possibly wish to save $298 by choosing the no doubt completely capable Core i3 model.

Keyboard and trackpad

The backlit keyboard on the G1 might be the best one particular I’ve ever utilized in a Chromebook, if not any laptop. The keys are clicky and responsive, and offer you just adequate resistance before giving strategy to pretty luxurious travel. Folks usually sing the praises of the Pixelbook’s keyboard, but hp spare 807957 001 to me, this 1 is worlds far better; I’ve no reservations about writing on it for hours at a time. I’d have liked to see a committed Google Assistant key, but with Assistant functionality coming to the app drawer search bar, its absence is an exceptionally minor complaint.


You’ll come across just about every port you need on the Chromebook x360 14 G1. On the appropriate (facing the display) you are going to obtain a USB-C port for data and charging, a legacy USB-A three.0 port, along with a Kensington Lock slot. The bp02xl latter is extremely significant to loads of enterprise getting agents.On the left is an additional USB-C port that’s also equipped to charge the Chromebook and also transfer information, a 3.five mm headphone/microphone combo jack, plus a microSD card slot. I would have liked to have seen a full-size SD card slot, but taking into consideration how thin and light the Chromebook x360 14 G1 is, I envision there just wasn’t adequate out there space.

Battery Life

The Chromebook x360 14 will remain powered via a full workday and nonetheless have adequate juice to let you stream Netflix when you get dwelling. With a amazing 12 hours and 54 minutes of battery life, the cargador toshiba satellite pro L300 Chromebook x360 14 outlasted the Chromebook Flip C434 (9:58), Pixelbook (7:43) and Chromebook 13 (eight:15) by many hours. It even surpassed the average Chromebook runtime (9:08) by practically 4 hours.

At this point, the port layout on this device is as predictable as the sun rising. A duo of USB Form C ports flank each and every side with an more USB Kind A port, Kensington Lock, MicroSD card slot, along with a headphone/mic jack. We’ve seen this around the HP x360 14, Lenovo Yoga C630, Dell Inspiron, and Acer Spin 13, so the port layout is anything but cargador surface pro 1 surprising. Regardless, it can be insanely productive and useful in this Chromebook just like it’s in other individuals. Using the flexibility with the USB Variety C ports, you also get the increased compatibility of your USB Type A port (who requirements a dongle?) and anticipated standbys like a headphone jack and SD card slot, so anything you’ll need is usually at your fingertips.

Webcam and Heat

A superior webcam is especially essential for business users as teleconferencing and remote function becomes much more popular. Sadly, the 720p camera on the Chromebook x360 14 captured a dark, grainy image when I snapped a selfie in our dimly lit office.The Chromebook x360 14 remained relatively cool during our testing. Only the bateria notebook hp p106 lower-left bottom corner (98.5 degrees) heated above our 95-degree Fahrenheit comfort threshold immediately after we played a 15-minute, full-screen video.


The Chromebook x360 14 is really a challenging laptop to evaluation. On one particular hand, the Chromebook does a great number of issues suitable, providing an outstanding keyboard, extended battery life and quite speedy overall performance. And yet, it’s really hard for me to suggest the Chromebook x360 14 due to its cost, which bateria lenovo m30 70 borders on absurd. That price tag could be less difficult to swallow if the Chromebook x360 14’s display weren’t dimmer and significantly less vivid than most spending budget laptops we test.At just $600, the HP Chromebook x360 14 offers you a great deal for the money, and it comes within a pretty sophisticated package. But 860209 850 when the overall performance is outstanding for the price tag, the dim screen and lackluster battery life drag items down. And if you want a stylus, the x360 is absolutely a non-starter. But much more casual customers searching to save some money ought to keep it around the consideration list.

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