Fjitsu Lifebook S935 Review

August 26, 2021

Originally released to become sold by Fujitsu on 1/31/2015, the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S935 is actually a part of their LIFEBOOK array of out there Laptops. We know of one configuration of the product, with it being the S935. There’s a relatively limited decision of colour, with only the Black, Silver decision color purchaseable having a Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S935. You will find two cores, in a base degree of two.six ghz, two.2 GHz, of processing energy inside the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S935 by means of it really is use from the i7-5600U, along with the i5-5200U processors, and may leverage a acer aspire 5750g akku/acer aspire 5750g akku original/akku acer aspire 5750g/aspire 5750g akku enhance frequency up to 3.two GHz ready for after you requireready for you personally, with 4MB of processor cache, having an alternate title of your processor being a Broadwell processor. The On-board, SO-DIMM ram provides the Laptop computer a total of 12 GB of DDR3-SDRAM memory, in a clock velocity of 1600 MHz. There is a thirteen.3 inch led back lit Broad Quad Hd, Full Hd screen edition available that we’ve data on.Just the one show resolution of 2560×1440 Pixels, 1920×1080 Pixels inside the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S935. There’s a touchscreen model that’s offeredwhich you can buy. A Intel High definition Graphics 5500 is utilized as the built-in graphics adaptor, using a base frequency amount of 300 MHz readily available, and 950 MHz, 900 MHz of max frequency. A max video ram of 16 GB is usable from the built-in movie processing. A greatest of 500 GB of tough push room exists to the lenovo g710 akku/akku lenovo g710/akku lenovo g710/preisvergleich lenovo g710 akku Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S935, together with the total storage getting offered by way of the use of SSD, Hybrid-HDD hardrive(s). SD, SDHC, SDXC playing cards can also be recognized, so you’re in a position to use them as needed. There is a newest wifi typical of Wi-Fi five (802.11ac), Wi-Fi four (802.11n) that’s out there with this product. Bluetooth is out there with this particular Laptop. You’ll be capable of directly plug in to the web, as there is certainly an ethernet port. You’ll uncover a six Lithium-Ion 77 Wh battery in the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S935. This 1 is available in at 1.37 kg, one.24 kg when getting weighed, asus f551c akku/akku asus f551c/asus f551ca sx079h akku/asus f551c akku original/asus f551ca akku kaufen so just ensure this can function for you personally. The complete dimensions from the model are 26.5 mm x 319 mm x 215 mm.

Case & Warranty

As noted earlier, the Lifebook S935 delivers the same construction because the Lifebook S904. Fujitsu has produced two small adjustments, though. The S904’s fingerprint reader has come to be a PalmSecure sensor. This is also envisioned for biometric security. Instead of a fingerprint, it uses a person’s vein pattern, which is read applying infrared light. Apart from this, a touchpad with two separate keys serves as a mouse replacement. About the underside of your machine there is just a single small maintenance flap, which allows access to the memory bank. In order to access the rest from the hardware, the base unit must be removed. This is no problem; soon after removing each of the screws, the unit can merely be taken off.


Our test machine is equipped having a reflective 13.3-inch touch display, which has a native lenovo yoga 2 13 akku/lenovo yoga two thirteen akku 13m6p71/lenovo yoga two 13 model 20344 akku/yoga 2 13 akku resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Accessible alternatives include monitors with WQHD resolution (2560×1440 pixels). Both models may be purchased either with touchscreen (reflective) or without (matte). The brightness from the monitor, at 284.8 cd/m2, arrives out well. Still, it should have been a bit higher.Contrast (1.130:1) and black degree (0.27 cd/m2) do alternatively properly. The Lifebook’s show can’t reproduce the full AdobeRBG and sRGB color spaces. The coverage rates lie at 63.6% (AdobeRGB) and 83.7% (sRGB). However, an sRGB coverage value of nearly 84% can still be described as good. In this context, the Lifebook’s show is at the same degree as the monitors in the Latitude chargeur hp elitebook 840 g3 E7450 as well as the MacBook Pro 13 Retina (Early 2015).

The display’s colour reproduction will come out effectively in factory condition. The monitor shows a DeltaE2000 deviation of 5.four and thereby just misses the target zone (DeltaE lower than 3). The show doesn’t genuinely display a blue tinge. These quite good values can still be improved with a calibration of your show. The color discrepancy sinks to a value of one.26, falling into the target zone.


With the Lifebook S935, Fujitsu provides a business notebook in 13.3-inch format. The power with the built-in processor is more than enough for everyday use, and it has TPM, a docking port, and an LTE modem accessible. Fujitsu also offers various batterie toshiba pa3817u 1brs alternatively equipped models. The Lifebook is equipped with the Intel Core i5-5300U (Broadwell) dual-core processor. The CPU runs having a base velocity of two.three GHz. Thanks to Turbo, the velocity is often increased to 2.7 GHz (both cores) or 2.9 GHz (only one core). The Turbo is utilised both on and off battery energy. Cinebench benchmark’s CPU tests were run at 2.six to two.7 GHz (multithread) and two.7 to two.9 GHz batterie as10d31 (single-thread).Nothing is lacking in terms of system performance. The system runs effectively, smoothly, and fast. The results in the PCMark benchmarks also arrive out very nicely. The performance can’t be increased any further. Fujitsu has already pulled out the many stops: The RAM runs in dual-channel mode and a Solid State Drive serves because the system push. The Lifebook belongs for the business notebook class, so gaming performance does not play a role. That being said, it can still play a wide selection of games. This holds mostly for games that do not make great demands over the hardware. Thanks to dual-channel-mode RAM, the Lifebook’s frame rates go higher than comparable notebooks whose RAM runs on single-channel mode; still, the user will really need to make do with low resolution and low-to-mid-quality settings.


The Lifebook does not bother its user with a lot noise. In idle mode, the fan generally remains quiet, and the notebook works noiselessly. Under load, the fan does not develop into overwhelmingly loud. During the stress test, we measured a maximum volume of 39.9 dB – an acceptable value. The S935 therefore produces less noise than its Haswell counterpart, the Lifebook S904. The user can also utilize fan control; the “normal” and “silent” modes are readily available in BIOS and on our test machine, the “normal” mode is active.


The Lifebook achieved the same values in our stress test (Prime95 and Furmark run for at least an hour) on and off battery power. The processor ran at 2.three GHz during the first minute then throttled again to one.two to 1.3 GHz. Using the graphics core, the opposite was the situation. During the first minute, it ran at three hundred MHz then sped up to 600 MHz. We can’t seriously speak of any overheating using the S935. chargeur dell xps 13 Even during the stress test, the temperature lay markedly lower than 40 °C at all measurement points. The same is the case with all the Lifebook S904.

Battery Life

In idle mode, the Lifebook reaches a runtime of 20 hours, 37 minutes. A competitor like the HP EliteBook Folio 1040 (11:22 h) shuts down a great deal sooner. The idle mode was tested with all the Battery Eater Reader’s Test: the monitor runs at lowest brightness, the energy-saver profile is activated, and wireless modules are turned off. Under load, the Lifebook runs for 2 hours, 57 minutes. The EliteBook Folio (1:33 h) only lasts for half that time. These runtimes were obtained utilizing the Battery Eater Classic Test: the monitor is at full brightness, batterie asus a32 k55 as well as the high-performance profile and wireless modules are activated. Our WLAN test lasted for 9 hours and 14 minutes on Fujitsu’s thirteen.3-inch design. The EliteBook Folio (6:10 h) stopped working sooner. In this test, websites are automatically loaded in 40-second intervals. The “balanced” profile is activated, as well as the display brightness is set at about 150 cd/m2. We tested the online video playback duration by running the short film Big Buck Bunny (H.264-coding, 1920×1080 pixels) on loop. The wireless modules are deactivated and brightness is set at about 150 cd/m2. The Lifebook reached a runtime of 8 hours, 22 minutes. We did not run this test about the EliteBook Folio.

In general, the Lifebook provides very good battery life. It really is not surprising that it performs better than the EliteBook Folio. Thanks to two batteries (51 Watt-hours + 28 Watt-hours) it has significantly more battery capacity at its disposal than the HP machine (45 Watt-hours). If we compare the Lifebook’s runtime to its battery capacity, the results are somewhat disappointing. Why? With its 54-Watt-hour battery, the Acer TravelMate P645-S (previously tested by us) presents the same run times as the Lifebook, so we would have anticipated batterie hp pavilion 17 notebook pc more from your Lifebook. In any case, the Lifebook does not mark the end from the road; Fujitsu also provides a second variant on the regular battery, which has a capacity of 77 Watt-hours (S26391-F1306-L100; about $110 [100 Euros]) at its disposal. In combination with this particular replacement battery, the Lifebook would offer a capacity of 105 Watt-hours.

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