Alienware m15 OLED (2019) Review

August 30, 2019

The Alienware m15 midrange gaming laptop we’re reviewing here is inside a bit of a weird spot at the moment, caught mid-refresh. In October of 2018 the Alienware m15 debuted-at extended final, a slimmed-down version of its 15 k277ca battery longtime Alienware 15 laptop. But only several months later that version is seemingly on its way out, with all the announcement at Computex that the product line will quickly be updated with all the ”Legend” design language 1st seen on the flagship Alienware Area-51m.

The first-gen m15’s not dead yet even though. Just before Computex, Alienware sent us an updated version on the original m15, bumping as much as Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q graphics in addition to a amazing OLED display. The 45n1763 organization confirmed that this model are going to be about by means of the holidays, overlapping with the redesigned versions. And for those who hadn’t guessed currently, it does not come low-cost.


The Alienware m15 has an attractive design, but if you’re familiar with prior Alienware systems, its aesthetics will pack couple of surprises for you personally. The chassis is made to look like an extraterrestrial spaceship, with dell 40wh battery type xcmrd 14.8 v tapered edges that come to a triangular peak in the front lip. Each the lid and also the power button, which sits in the best on the deck, would be the classic alien head logo and each has customizable lighting.

Although Alienware is inside the starting stages of embracing its new Legend design and style, Epic continues to be here, looking to take gamers on an intergalactic journey. I, for one, am nonetheless prepared to answer the get in touch with to adventure with j1knd 11.1 v 48wh dell this midsize battle cruiser. The laptop continues to be a head-turner with its Epic Gray anodized aluminum lid, black magnesium underbelly and strategically placed customizable LED lights.

Dell has clearly taken its brilliant mothership-like ‘Legend’ design identity and adapted it to its thin-and-light gaming laptop chassis to incredible impact. That is certainly one of the raddest-looking gaming laptops we’ve ever seen, and we’re elated to see the design and style within a chassis that is in fact remotely transportable.Out there in Dell’s ”Dark Side of the Moon” and 5b10k02218 ”Lunar Light” color solutions, the soft-touch paint feels somehow more premium than some aluminum clad gaming laptops and miles away in the typical plastic frames we so typically see. The logo operate around the lid tends to make the laptop appear as if it’s among a fleet prepared for take-off into the next orbital conflict.


Oh my, OLED! The m15 is 15.6-inch 4K (3840 x 2160) show is simply glorious. It is incredibly vivid without having relying on oversaturation and gives rich blacks and accurate contrasts. Watching the Gemini Man trailer was a thing of beauty, particularly the 716724 541 wealthy gold, red and green of your Myanmar flag as it fluttered lazy in the breeze during a Will Smith monologue. Facts were sharp sufficient that the tiny furrows in his forehead were clearly visible together with beads of sweat traveling down his temple.

We reviewed the Alienware m15 back in late 2018, and though a total chassis redesign is coming for the company’s 15-inch gamer, it’s not here fairly yet. For now, we had the opportunity to revisit the m15, but having a particular new screen. The Alienware m15 OLED (starts at $1,379.99; $2,779.99 as tested) boasts-you guessed it a 4K-resolution OLED show. It appears a lot more vibrant than 800009 421 your usual laptop screen, with colors that truly pop. This time packing Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q graphics, the m15 is actually a potent gaming laptop in its personal correct, but we had a number of quibbles: The style nevertheless isn’t a standout, as well as the screen, though eye-catching, pumps up the price tag.Unless you happen to be an OLED diehard, contemplate the similar-performing, but much more premium-feeling, 2019 Razer Blade 15 or one more less-expensive option.

The new Alienware m15 is quite possibly among the loveliest gaming laptops I’ve ever tested. I’m a sucker for something red (it is my favourite colour) but asus x555qa battery after you stick it on a chassis that stands just 21mm high off the ground and weighs a comparatively non-brick-like 2.16kg with a Core i7-8750H in addition to a GTX 1070 inside it, you may have my full and undivided consideration.

It’s a gorgeous point to behold and comes as normal on every single model having a 144Hz refresh price display, just to make its 15.6in 1920×1080 resolution really feel added specific. UK Alienware m15s possess the best dell 48wh type 8858x battery price deal of all, although, as here you may deck out each and every configuration with this amazing ‘nebula red’ alternative (even saying it sounds lovely) for certainly nothing. I try to remember the days when Dell’s colour solutions used to expense the earth on their every day laptops, so this really is welcome news indeed. None of this ‘epic silver’ (i.e: grey) nonsense for us, no sir.


With its Core i7-8750H CPU and Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q GPU, our review configuration with the Alienware m15 was powerful enough to perform some severe gaming. Nonetheless, at 4K resolution (our panel’s native res), you can not generally play at the highest settings and, in more-demanding 1080p play, you might get so-so frame prices.

Even even though Intel 9th Gen is definitely the newer kid around the block, the m15’s 8th Gen two.2-GHz Intel Core i7-8750H processor with 16GB of RAM nonetheless has a lot of energy. The notebook streamed an episode of Jessica Jones – Season 3 on Netflix even though operating a mix of Twitch, YouTube, Tweetdeck and Slack in 20 added pages in Google Chrome, all with dell 5737 battery no signs of slowdown.The laptop delivered solid outcomes in the course of our testing, scoring 22,029 on Geekbench four.3, a synthetic basic performance test. It’s just a hair under the 22,077 premium gaming laptop typical. With their own Core i7-8750H CPUs, the Blade and Triton 500 scored 22,379 and 20,990, although the Aero 15 with its 9th Gen Core i7-9750H processor netted 23,522.

When my son and I fired up the pretty undemanding Lego Film 2 game and turned its resolution as much as 4K, the system was perfectly smooth giving a steady 60 fps, even with every shadow and texture setting maxed out. You likely never purchase a high-end gaming laptop to just play Lego video games, but everything looked superb, in the floating silver and gold studs towards the dell 60wh type t54fj piles of red and green bricks.On the entire, the screen is really good; put it subsequent to a standard IPS gaming laptop panel, plus the distinction is blunt. But by itself, the screen is not a powerful enough draw, to my eyes, to make it the sole cause you opt for this machine. This is a gaming laptop, but as you will see within the benchmark section, this screen is almost certainly superior suited for the content-creator crowd.

Of course, that alone could be an appealing proposition for some dual-minded shoppers, who want a strong machine to edit media on, and dell laptop 14.8 xcmrd battery a 4K screen to view it with. In the event you need that and also play plenty of games, each of the superior. As for how the panel balances against overall performance, and how the rest of the elements fare generally, let’s move on to the testing.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The Alienware m15’s keyboard provides a fantastic typing and gaming experience. Even though the keys have only 1.2mm of travel, they don’t feel shallow and provide loads of feedback. Possibly as a result of the strong 80 grams of expected actuation force (71g is typical), I in no way bottomed out. I even reached a powerful 101 words-per-minute on the typing test, that is toward the gl552vw battery upper end of my normal range.Brightly colored, customizable and cushy, the m15’s keyboard is surprisingly clicky despite its somewhat shallow 1.two millimeters of crucial travel (1.5mm is our minimum). But 80 grams (60g is our threshold) of actuation force can do that for you personally. I never ever bottomed out although typing, even as I was typing out this critique and I hit my usual 70 words per minute around the 10fastfingers typing test.


The m15 weighs four.8 pounds and is 18mm thick. That’s an enormous improvement over Alienware’s earlier batch of notebooks, which are the sort of issues only gamers could like. They’re seriously heavy — the last 15-inch model weighed 7.7 pounds, and even the 13″ version clocked in at virtually six. One explanation for their heft was Alienware’s massive cooling setup, which stuck out behind the lenovo z50 70 battery displays like they had been venting hot rods.Back when gaming laptops have been clocking in closer to ten pounds, Alienware’s designs seemed like they have been around the cutting edge. And for probably the most element, it made sense to concentrate on cooling a lot more than portability. But hp spare 800049 001 times have changed, now gaming notebooks is often each effective and portable. Despite the fact that it is a massive step forward for Alienware, the m15 nonetheless lags a little behind the competition on the subject of weight. The MSI GS65 Stealth Thin, one example is, has equivalent specs, but is noticeably lighter at four.2 pounds. Nevertheless, it is nice to find out Alienware playing within the under-5 pound arena.

Bottom line

I nonetheless think the RTX 2070 Max-Q is inside a weird spot, what with full-size GTX 1070 laptops remaining on the acer swift sf314 51 battery market, performing essentially precisely the same and usually priced much reduce. And I assume this unique Alienware m15 is in an even weirder spot, provided there is an m15 redesign already announced.That mentioned, this laptop doesn’t necessarily have to suffer for the sins of its parents. The OLED display is love-at-first-sight for me. Possibly not ”I never care that it fees $1,000 far more than some laptops with comparable performance” really like, but inspiron 13 5378 battery…properly, depends what you care about. I could definitely see a person creating the argument at the least, plus the m15’s internals perform effectively sufficient to do the display justice. Just after all, if you’re purchasing a screen that looks this damn great, you need whatever’s on it to appear superior also, ideal?

From our short time with all the Alienware m15 we’re fairly confident this new gaming notebook is going to become considerably more than just a looker. It’s definitely a spectacular piece of kit, particularly inside the Luna Light colour selection. The toshiba satellite c650 battery specs are pretty varied and having a $1,499 beginning value for the base model it is surely not going to be low-priced, but you’re definitely going to get some bang for the buck. If you’re just after a lightweight, compact but potent gaming laptop that is bound to turn heads as considerably as enable you to slay your in-game foes, then this may well effectively be it.

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